Fast forwarding through my camera roll seems to be the only way to play catchup!  Because, October is here!  As I flipped the calendar to a new month, I realized that so many events and life changes have taken place this year. Time to pause and reflect and document these memories.  After all, the best thing about memories is making them.                 I’ve got some lovely, cozy things on my needles.  I’ll post more… Read more »

When I was little I remember my grandma spending hours sewing at her sewing machine. Always humming as she sewed. She had the sweetest singing voice. Every once in a while she would ask me to “help” sort through her scraps by size and that was the thrilling task I was waiting for.  She would cut those scraps into squares or rectangles, sometimes pausing and chuckling.  She would tell me how this piece was from a dress she had sewn… Read more »

It’s been a quiet couple weeks.  Vineet is out of town.  He’s in India actually for a family wedding and as you may have heard, Indian weddings are one long, loud, crazy, colorful party.  It’s very true!!  Prithvi is at Aviation Camp on Vancouver Island.  So, it’s just us girls at home.  At first, I was happy with all this quiet.  But then that got old really quickly.  I’ve cooked twice since the guys left and as much as cooking is my least favorite activity, I’ve actually… Read more »

Today is Family Day in British Columbia :: a day dedicated to celebrating family. The city has various family related activities lined up, but we decided to stay home (other than a quick milk run) and just hang out. I think, with all the busy-ness of daily life, taking time to slow down and savor a non-agenda type day is the perfect way to recharge. The teenager did normal teen type things, you know… Instagram, Facebook, beating me 3 times in a row… Read more »

There have been many goings on in our little corner and this blog has become so very neglected.  Today is Monday :: the perfect day to get back on track! Earlier this month, Kirtana turned 7 and her birthday sort of morphed into a birthday week and beyond!  I think she’s partied out for the time being which is a good thing for this tired mama. Right after those extended celebrations, both kids were involved with this year’s Remembrance Day activities…. Read more »

It’s hard to switch gears from the pace of summer vacation to back-to-school mode, but such is life and it’s got to be done!  We had a splendid time visiting the Oregon coast and it was one of the most memorable holidays we’ve had so far. Of course, we took thousands of pictures but don’t worry, I’ll only share a few 😉 The Oregon coastline is one of the most spectacular driving routes in North America.  As we passed sandy beaches, majestic cliffs, gigantic windswept boulders and lighthouses, it… Read more »

Today, we celebrate this amazing, beautiful country of ours. Happy Birthday Canada! Red and white was the flavor of the day.  These cheesecake brownies didn’t turn out as pretty as I imagined they would be. However, they get full marks for yumminess! Of course, it’s also strawberry season (and cherry and blueberry, oh my, I’m in heaven!!) so I made our favorite summer drink. In a cocktail shaker, crush sliced strawberries, a couple leaves of fresh mint and a half teaspoon of sugar… Read more »

We’ve just had the hottest day of the year (so far) pass us by.  However, today is murky and wet… April showers bring spring flowers and all that jazz, so I’m okay!  That hot day just screamed road trip so we decided that it would be the best day to make the short drive south into Washington state and visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Only thing is that every Pacific Northwesterner had the same idea as us, hah!  We… Read more »

This post brought to you via iPhoneography 🙂 The kids have been on spring break the past two weeks, so it’s been a wonderful time of relaxing and sleeping in 🙂 Monday, is back to school for one last term which is always the busiest one. This lull before the storm was nice! We went on a mini vacation over the weekend, back to the Okanagan Valley. The landscape was such a contrast to how we remember it from the… Read more »

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me and commented about my new site!  I really appreciate your encouragement ❤ I talked about knitting a lace shawl with beads a little while ago.  This shawl had a deadline since I wanted to wear it to my cousin’s wedding in December.  I wanted something pretty and warm at the same time to wear so that I wouldn’t become a frozen ice cube in the winter chill. Everything went well even though… Read more »