After months of drought, it rained yesterday, finally!  So refreshing!!  We decided that a lunch of fish and chips was in order and where better than to taste fresh, west-coast fare than right at the heart of the fishing village of Steveston! Steveston might look familiar to those who’ve watched the show Once Upon A Time.  It’s the filming location of the fictitious town, Storybrooke.  I stopped watching the show half way through the first season, so I don’t know if… Read more »

There have been many goings on in our little corner and this blog has become so very neglected.  Today is Monday :: the perfect day to get back on track! Earlier this month, Kirtana turned 7 and her birthday sort of morphed into a birthday week and beyond!  I think she’s partied out for the time being which is a good thing for this tired mama. Right after those extended celebrations, both kids were involved with this year’s Remembrance Day activities…. Read more »

Today, we celebrate this amazing, beautiful country of ours. Happy Birthday Canada! Red and white was the flavor of the day.  These cheesecake brownies didn’t turn out as pretty as I imagined they would be. However, they get full marks for yumminess! Of course, it’s also strawberry season (and cherry and blueberry, oh my, I’m in heaven!!) so I made our favorite summer drink. In a cocktail shaker, crush sliced strawberries, a couple leaves of fresh mint and a half teaspoon of sugar… Read more »

This post brought to you via iPhoneography 🙂 The kids have been on spring break the past two weeks, so it’s been a wonderful time of relaxing and sleeping in 🙂 Monday, is back to school for one last term which is always the busiest one. This lull before the storm was nice! We went on a mini vacation over the weekend, back to the Okanagan Valley. The landscape was such a contrast to how we remember it from the… Read more »

Vancouver’s annual fiber festival, Knit City, took place this past weekend.  It was bigger and better this year. Thank you Amanda & Fiona!  Two days filled with yarny fun and this time we even had the pleasure of listening to a lecture by the Yarn Harlot herself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me and so all I have is this blurry instagramed picture of her standing behind the podium. And yes, she is that pint-sized IRL! It was… Read more »

I have been thinking a lot about traditions lately.  Come October, my kids never miss out on reminding me that Pumpkin Day is almost here.  What began as a bit of fun picking out pumpkins at the patch, has become a family tradition and I love the fact that my kids have embraced this. We have our favorite list of things to do during each celebratory season.  Springtime definitely means Bike The Blossoms.  Christmas is jam-packed with traditions – the Vancouver Christmas… Read more »

I love a spontaneous plan.  We made last minute reservations to take the ferry across to the Sunshine Coast and boy was it a spectacular few days!  It’s a good thing we reserved because this is what was in store for us and the thousands of other vacationers over on the other side… We did lots of hiking, kayaking, late night movie watching, board game playing and plenty of lazing around… every minute was perfect. Even the bald eagles were… Read more »

Over the weekend, we visited the Vancouver Christmas Market to enjoy some holiday festivities but mostly to indulge in German yumminess and spiced mulled wine, mmm!  The Ice King and Queen and The Nutcracker were some of the stars But look at all those knitted hats (probably machine-knit, but still!)  Nothing like a hat to keep you warm on a cold evening …and of course, hot apple cider helps too! especially if you sip it through a stick of cinnamon  There was more knitting, this time as… Read more »

Today, I’m thankful for so much and all you wonderful people are right up there on my list! Happy Thanksgiving from the Great White North!