Over the weekend, we visited the Vancouver Christmas Market to enjoy some holiday festivities but mostly to indulge in German yumminess and spiced mulled wine, mmm!  The Ice King and Queen and The Nutcracker were some of the stars But look at all those knitted hats (probably machine-knit, but still!)  Nothing like a hat to keep you warm on a cold evening …and of course, hot apple cider helps too! especially if you sip it through a stick of cinnamon  There was more knitting, this time as… Read more »

Those fireworks on Sunday signalled the end of the Ravelympics.  Actually, they signified the end of the real Winter Games, but you know where my priorities lie! My challenge: to finish two shawls during the Ravelympics and knowing how I’m so easily distracted by, “ooh shiny and mmm sparkly…”, I had to focus and get these projects knitted and bound off before the flame died out.  Things went according to plan (YAY!) even though my Milkweed shawl got off to a… Read more »

This Valentines Day, we scrapped the usual candlelight dinner for something different.  I’m not talking about flowers and candy either, although, both of those made their appearance and made the day that much sweeter:)  This Valentines Day, we headed downtown to join in the festivities surrounding the Winter Olympics.  Since driving all the way downtown would have been a nightmare especially with so many road closures, we opted to take the Skytrain instead – which is always a treat for the kids. … Read more »

Every skein of yarn in my stash bin has a story.  I can pick out the ones that were bought for a specific purpose and then I have those impulse skeins that just seem to hop on over into the shopping cart, virtual or otherwise.  You know the feeling :: you have the Visa out and you just pick that extra skein because, it’s on sale, or it’s a colorway that always sells out, or because it looks lonely sitting out… Read more »

Everyone probably knows about the Winter Olympics and if you’re a Raveler then you know all about the Ravelympics.  Vancouver is the host of this year’s Winter Games and me being a resident of the city (well, technically I live in the suburbs of Greater Vancouver…still) I have to say something about it all. I’M STOKED!!!!!! The Olympic torch has been making its way through each Province and we’ve been watching this journey online.  Today (Day 76), the flame has reached Edmonton. … Read more »