Everyone probably knows about the Winter Olympics and if you’re a Raveler then you know all about the Ravelympics

Vancouver is the host of this year’s Winter Games and me being a resident of the city (well, technically I live in the suburbs of Greater Vancouver…still) I have to say something about it all.

I’M STOKED!!!!!!

The Olympic torch has been making its way through each Province and we’ve been watching this journey online.  Today (Day 76), the flame has reached Edmonton.  Day 102 is when it passes through our neck of the woods and I can’t wait to catch a glimpse.  We’ve been saying that we will go downtown and check out the Olympic Rings on the Burrard Inlet but haven’t done that yet.  Don’t really know why we’ve been putting this off because I think that it would actually be quite cool. 

History was created with the first “knitting olympics” in 2006 which was a genius idea by none other than the Yarn Harlot.  That first stint had over 4000 crafters sign up to challenge themselves to creating something handmade within the duration of the games.  This year, Ravelers all over the globe are carrying on this tradition and I don’t really know how many people have signed up for this event MOVEMENT (!!!) but I’m sure it’s a lot, ALOT-ALOT!!

I gave some thought to what would be challenging for me as a knitter and I realized that having more than one project on the needles is what causes me to stress-out, making me lose steam and flake out on my knitting.  That is when I realized that for the Ravelympics, this is exactly what I was going to do – have two WIPs on the needles and try to get them BOTH finished before the end of the games.  No easy hats here or garter stitch scarves, I’m thinking shawls.  Well, shawlettes actually but we’re still talking skinny yarn, million stitches and a deadline.  For this knitter, that is a challenge!


At the end of the Ravelympics, I hope to have two shawlettes for the wearing.  It’s still winter here in Canada and even though us BC-ites are enjoying some really warm winter days (read 8 degrees Celcius almost everyday this past week, thank you global warming or grrr global warming whichever way you decide to look at it) these FOs will be much appreciated by my cold neck!!!!

I’ve signed up to be a part of Team Amiras (have to join in the fun with my peeps) and also a part of Team Canada (proud to represent my country).  I’m still sorting through patterns but like you see here, I already have some yummy yarn picked out for my projects.  Still undecided about the brown-blue Fleece Artist though because I wonder if it will be too busy for any pattern that does not have expanses of stockinette or garter stitch.  Hmm, while I’m wondering about my yarn choice, the Harlot is mulling over how she would like to execute the Knitting Olympics via her blog this year.  Great fun all around!

Cast on is scheduled for February 12, 2010 during the Opening Ceremonies.  Hope you’ve signed up!

8 thoughts on “The Games

  1. kerry

    I just bought some Casbah, too, but in the ‘wine’ colourway. It’s heavenly soft and is slated for an Isbel, which will likely be my Ravelympics project. Have fun!


  2. kathy

    So. Jealous. I’m still deciding what I want to make for Ravolympics as well. I’m going to do a scarf, though I’m not sure which one. I’m also going to try to clear up my multitude of WIPs. Good luck!


  3. Pearlin

    I’ve joined team UFO INVADERS _to finish those projects, I started long back _ this might be a good chance 🙂 the Yarn looks delish!especially the pink one , has all my favourite shades of pink.


  4. mamie

    first, happy new year! and i thought i would share a kinda’ funny story. we have a family member (tim’s stepdad) that has a sister with a condo in whistler. i remember imagining that we would be there for the olympics (with two year olds, right?) watching the games and playing around in the snow. not going to happen, but we might be heading your way in the summer. and we will check it then for sure. good luck with your ravelypmic knits. you can do it, gold medal mama.


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