Today, we celebrate this amazing, beautiful country of ours.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Red N White 1

Red and white was the flavor of the day.  These cheesecake brownies didn’t turn out as pretty as I imagined they would be. However, they get full marks for yumminess!

Of course, it’s also strawberry season (and cherry and blueberry, oh my, I’m in heaven!!) so I made our favorite summer drink.

Red N White 2

In a cocktail shaker, crush sliced strawberries, a couple leaves of fresh mint and a half teaspoon of sugar using a muddler.  Once the strawberries are smashed well, add ice a slice of lemon and a splash of Sprite to the mixture and shake well to “marry” all of the flavors. Pour into chilled bevy glasses and top up with more Sprite.

Red N White 3

For the adults, we added 2 oz of vodka making a grown up version.

Red N White 4

I hope you are enjoying summer in your part of the world.  (Winter for my lovely southern hemisphere friends :)) I love summer evenings with breathtaking sunsets and daylight finally fading when the clock reads 10 pm.

As the evenings stretch out, our favorite thing to do lately is sit outside until the mosquitoes win and we’re forced to go inside 🙂  For such days, I’ve picked out a summer knitting project. I’m late to the Color Affection party but that changes now that my yarn is wound and I’ve cast on. Endless rows of garter stitch tranquility!

Color Affection Begins

The yarn I’m using, Tosh Merino Light in Denim, Candlewick and Thunderstorm.

2 thoughts on “With Glowing Hearts

  1. Jocelyn

    Thanks for the “recipe” for the summer drink. I’ll have to try and make them, but since we’re off softdrinks, I think I will use sparkling water instead.

    Those brownies look divine! Happy Canada Day!


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