I love a spontaneous plan.  We made last minute reservations to take the ferry across to the Sunshine Coast and boy was it a spectacular few days!  It’s a good thing we reserved because this is what was in store for us and the thousands of other vacationers over on the other side…

Coast 4

We did lots of hiking, kayaking, late night movie watching, board game playing and plenty of lazing around… every minute was perfect.

Coast 1

Even the bald eagles were out having a great time.  We saw so many of them… at first it was like “eeeeeagle!!!” and by the last day the kids would say, “oh, eagle”.

Coast 3

It’s back to reality and school now and my Elia sweater has been steadily growing.  The cables provide the perfect rhythm making this knit interesting without being too overwhelming.

Elia Progress

I think I may have overdone it yesterday with my just-one-more-row mantra.  I keep forgetting to take frequent breaks while I’m knitting and just do some finger/hand exercises.  I promise I’ll be good today because this is a highly addictive pattern (ooh, squishy cables!) and I really want to get it finished.

Coast 2

8 thoughts on “Spontaneous

  1. Angela

    Your weekend sounds wonderful, and yes absolutely perfect weather! (We did some gardening) Gorgeous sweater too.


  2. Jocelyn

    I see why they call it the Sunshine Coast. Vampires would hate that place in the summer. The cables are awesome, can’t wait to see the finished sweater.


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