After months of drought, it rained yesterday, finally!  So refreshing!!  We decided that a lunch of fish and chips was in order and where better than to taste fresh, west-coast fare than right at the heart of the fishing village of Steveston!

Steveston 2Steveston might look familiar to those who’ve watched the show Once Upon A Time.  It’s the filming location of the fictitious town, Storybrooke.  I stopped watching the show half way through the first season, so I don’t know if it is still on.  I was pleasantly surprised that other than the familiar buildings and main street of Storybrooke, there isn’t any visible Once Upon A Time paraphernalia which is just how things should be.   This is and always will be historic Steveston Village. Steveston 1

Our lunch was a delicious assortment of halibut, ling cod and Dungeness crab.  Oh my goodness, so amazing!

Steveston 5After lunch, we walked down Fishermans Wharf to the fishing boats selling their catch of the day.  Next time I’ll bring the cooler to take back some of that fresh seafood. Steveston 4We continued to wander in and out of little boutiques and stores that were charming and full of wonderful details. Established in 1880, Steveston has plenty of history and charm. Steveston 3Steveston also houses one of the Interurban Trams simply called “The 12-20”.  This tram dates back to 1912 and is being carefully restored piece by piece. Steveston 7

Sitting on those seats, it was hard not to imagine people taking the tram to work, or young couples looking forward to a night out at the theatre, or families riding the tram to enjoy a day of fun in the city.

Steveston 10The Interurban Tram network operated until 1958.  The 12-20’s route is quite similar to present day Canada Line right from Vancouver Airport into the downtown core. The SkyTrain which is part of Vancouver’s convenient urban transit system, all began with those tram cars. Steveston 11There are other tram cars from the Interurban network, being restored and displayed in other parts of Metro Vancouver and I’d like to visit them all.  I do love stories about this amazing city of ours! Steveston 14

Some of us really had fun hamming it up for the camera with our imaginary cups of tea… take my picture Daddy, take my picture Daddy!!!Steveston 13

Another “take my picture Daddy!”  Definitely a nice way to spend the afternoon by the seaside 🙂

Steveston 12


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  1. Alice

    Great pictures ! My first time going to Steveston was this year, playing tourists with out of town friends. I like how you captured the history of the place, I didn’t know any of that. Good to see everyone is back in town too 😀. Keep enjoying this beautiful summer Preet !


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