While they were played Our Song eleven years ago, we promised to have and to hold and to take this journey together.  I cannot think of any other place I would rather be than by your side.  I love you forever. xxx

Due to Christmas knitting being synonymous with deadlines, I tend to stay away from it each year.  But this past Christmas, there were a couple handknit gifts – definitely a first for me.  I blogged about one in December and it was received in typical baby fashion – squeals of delight tearing through the wrapping paper and then chomp, chomp, chomp on the contents of the package and then back to shredding the wrapping paper.  I did manage to get a… Read more »

With complete confidence that KiKi-Bee does not read my blog, here is “Emma”.  This cutie (the doll not the toddler!) will be wrapped up and waiting under beside the tree, well, mini porcelain trees since we’re not putting up the fake Christmas tree this year.   I am pretty sure that she’s going to love this toy and I’m so excited:) This pattern is from the amazingly talented Jean Greenowe called “Rainbow Babies“.  I followed the instructions for the body but the dress… Read more »

Every December, we seem to have a ton of goverment-issued holidays and this year has been no exception. Thank you Government, I’m not complaining! Many day trips and fun activities were planned and enjoyed and much laughter warmed our hearts. All this frenzy of fun has resulted in not many knits and purls and so I have nothing to show in terms of new knitting. A few projects are in various stages of progress (I’m still in small project mode) but… Read more »

Yay…it’s December!!!!! The kids have their Advent calenders out and Christmas carols are playing.  Lights and decorations are going to go up this weekend.  However, our fake tree is going to sit in it’s box unopened thanks to KiKi who insists on “tasting” everything that’s around.  Bit and bobs I’ve fished out of her mouth recently: lego, newspaper, onion peel, a piece of plastic (I shudder to think where the rest of this object is – in her tummy maybe???), yarn, some… Read more »

Kirtana turned 1 last week.  Surrounded by lots of love, family, friends and homemade cake (thanks to my wonderful MIL!!) our little one had a lovely day.  It’s hard to believe that this little teeny bundle who was born underweight is now a walking, babbling, exploring toddler and brings us so much joy.  We waited for her arrival for such a long time (8 years is a long time!!!!) and now she’s made our little family complete:) Kiki-Bee…Mama, Daddy and Prithvi “anna” love you sooo much.

It seems like ages since I blogged because I’ve been swamped under a myriad of things that needed to get done, I’m still nowhere close to done, but I’ve missed blogging and that’s why I’m here:)  There was a fun swap on Ravelry that I was a part of.  It was my first official swap and the best part was getting to make a new crafting friend.  My swap partner was the talented and lovely Soulcrochet.  Check out the jewelry… Read more »