Every December, we seem to have a ton of goverment-issued holidays and this year has been no exception. Thank you Government, I’m not complaining!

Many day trips and fun activities were planned and enjoyed and much laughter warmed our hearts.



All this frenzy of fun has resulted in not many knits and purls and so I have nothing to show in terms of new knitting. A few projects are in various stages of progress (I’m still in small project mode) but nothing has flown off the needles. It’s ok though because this holiday season, I intend to savour every joyful moment.  I say this because lately during tis-the-Christmas-parties-season I’ve noticed many a conversation veering off into the ongoing saga of doom and gloom and the dreaded “R” word (yeah, I’m talking ’bout the recession), but it’s amazing how resilient the human race is and how we cling on to things that bring us joy.


More holiday magic to ensue because it’s back to school for Prithvi this week and then winter break!!  YAY!!! 

Embrace joy!


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