The second Club Kit from Dubai Knits arrived at my door earlier this month. This month’s club had a bunch of goodies.  Heart shaped stitch markers from Fripperies & Bibelots, a much needed cute little measuring tape from The Sexy Knitter, aka, Sarah Wilson and the most adorable hand crafted polymer clay buttons from Tessa Ann.  How cute are these 🙂 The star of this package was the yarn!  Beautiful blue “Squishy” yarn dyed by Jocelyn, the owner of Dubai Knits. She named this colorway,… Read more »

My dear friend, Jocelyn, dyed me some special fingering weight yarn last year.  Her Etsy Shop, Dubai Knits, is always stocked with fantastic yarns in such pretty colorways.  I’ve been saving that yarn for something special and when Cecily published her adorable Breezy Blues pattern collection, I was all over it.  I cast on immediately for Drifting using my special Dubai Knits yarn.  This yarn is super lovely, with excellent stitch definition and just the right amount of loft.  It blocks out… Read more »

It’s June 18 which means that summer is less than a week away, yeah! But…Ack!!!!!  This is what we’ve been seeing recently.  Forecast for the next 4 days :: GLOOMY! It’s a good thing then that today is the cast on date for a quick KAL I’m doing with the Amiras.  It’s an accessories KAL and everyone seems to be in beret mode.  I’ve been eyeing Porom for ages now so it’s time to cast on. The yarn I’ve chosen… Read more »

Dear Dubai When I met you first, I swore we would never be friends.  But you vowed to change that and I’m glad that you have.  You’ve had me mesmerized with your over the top-ness for everything – tallest this, shiniest that and wonkiest whatevers, that’s you and I love you for it. I think you may have chuckled at me when I threw a fit when the temperature hit 130 degrees.  Thank you for turning on the sprinklers at that… Read more »

The quickest way to zap sock phobia is to get together with a bunch of friendly knitters and cast on for socks -TOGETHER!!  That’s exactly what a few of us from the UAE Knitters Ravelry Group did this past Friday afternoon.  It was wonderful getting together with these wonderful women and no two people in the group were from the same country – that’s knitting diversified…AMAZING!!!! We had Jocelyn, Hala (who was sweet enough to make the two hour drive… Read more »

That was a long blogging break.  Who knew that a case of acute sinusitis could impede pretty much everything – even simple tasks like bending down to tie my shoelaces.  But, I’m doing better now and thank you to everyone who sent me get-well-soon emails and comments:) Back on my needles is my TTL Mystery Socks🙂  It’s no longer a mystery since that KAL has long been completed.  I’m determined to try and finish these socks and I have to report… Read more »

Yay…it’s December!!!!! The kids have their Advent calenders out and Christmas carols are playing.  Lights and decorations are going to go up this weekend.  However, our fake tree is going to sit in it’s box unopened thanks to KiKi who insists on “tasting” everything that’s around.  Bit and bobs I’ve fished out of her mouth recently: lego, newspaper, onion peel, a piece of plastic (I shudder to think where the rest of this object is – in her tummy maybe???), yarn, some… Read more »

So, since yesterday marked the beginning of the weekend here in the Sandlands (yeah, the Middle East is like totally upside down, we begin our week on Sunday when everyone else is sleeping in!!!!). Like I was saying…our weekend…it was a bit on the hazy side since our neck of the woods got hit by a dust storm.  It wasn’t too bad though, go check out how bad it was for some folks. All the same, I didn’t want to get… Read more »

It’s officially no-sleeves weather in these parts with the mercury steadily rising.  Out comes the skinny cotton for some tank top knitting on our recent weekend break!!  This yarn has proven to be lovely in various projects in plain stockinette, but I wanted something a little more stimulating like errrm…some lacework!!!!!  So I cast on and things were going great guns until I found myself squinting more and more at the lace chart.  Blame this on sleep deprivation with a… Read more »

How to knit in the Arabian Desert…. knit one, sip one, knit one, sip one. I think I may have overdone it with the sipping yesterday because I ended up having to rip it, rip it, rip it!!!