Dear Dubai

When I met you first, I swore we would never be friends.  But you vowed to change that and I’m glad that you have.  You’ve had me mesmerized with your over the top-ness for everything – tallest this, shiniest that and wonkiest whatevers, that’s you and I love you for it.

I think you may have chuckled at me when I threw a fit when the temperature hit 130 degrees.  Thank you for turning on the sprinklers at that precise moment and making me dance under them like I was 5.  Thank you for showing me that here in the middle of nowhere everything can be beautiful although a lot of it is fabricated (maybe you shouldn’t try so hard??  Just a suggestion)  Thank you for never slowing down and keeping your malls open until midnight and your restaurants open even later than that.  Thank you for showing me that anything is possible even if it’s crazily insane to try it.  Thank you for being “enroute” to most places so that I can pop by to visit friends.

I’m glad that you forgave me my initial disdain and allowed me to call you ‘home’ even if it was for just a while.

I will miss you, Dubai.



10 thoughts on “Goodbye Dubai

  1. mamie

    and hello, BC, right? cannot wait to have you back to blogging and sharing. hang in there, it is almost done. are you going to blog the flight? probably not. safe travels.


  2. Jocelyn

    Farewell, Preeti. You will be missed. We’ll be right here, or on Ravelry!, waiting for you. When you have unpacked the last box, tell us all about your new home. I hope the kids enjoy every bit of it.


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