Impulse yarn purchases – knitters always make them!  I’m not much of a sock knitter, but I can’t help resisting a skein of sock yarn every now and then.  Especially when it is jewel-toned and gorgeous like this one. I felt like it would be perfect for a scarf and thought I’d do a quick pattern rummage into the treasure trove that is Ravelry!  Hitchhiker was the pattern that showed up number 1 on my list.  But I wanted to keep looking for “that… Read more »

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me and commented about my new site!  I really appreciate your encouragement ❤ I talked about knitting a lace shawl with beads a little while ago.  This shawl had a deadline since I wanted to wear it to my cousin’s wedding in December.  I wanted something pretty and warm at the same time to wear so that I wouldn’t become a frozen ice cube in the winter chill. Everything went well even though… Read more »

The second Club Kit from Dubai Knits arrived at my door earlier this month. This month’s club had a bunch of goodies.  Heart shaped stitch markers from Fripperies & Bibelots, a much needed cute little measuring tape from The Sexy Knitter, aka, Sarah Wilson and the most adorable hand crafted polymer clay buttons from Tessa Ann.  How cute are these 🙂 The star of this package was the yarn!  Beautiful blue “Squishy” yarn dyed by Jocelyn, the owner of Dubai Knits. She named this colorway,… Read more »

Remember this shawl that I test knit recently? This pattern is called, Find a penny and was designed by a dear friend and a fellow Amira, Lindsay.  I love all of her knitting and the yarns she uses.  She’s been steadily cranking out new patterns too, bravo!!  The first time I met Lindsay, it was at one of our knitting meetups in Dubai.  The Amiras meetups were always a blast.  We were the loud, excited bunch of ladies at a local coffee shop with piles of… Read more »

I finished a test knit for a friend this week and it was just the perfect amount of knitting instant gratification.  More details about the pattern coming once it is published including my slap-forehead moment when I ran out of yarn.  I took advantage of the fact that my “recruit” was ready to strike-a-pose today 🙂 Additional pictures and yarn/pattern deets soon.

Those pretty little leaves all in a row are done and I have myself a shawlette which I have begun to love.  This winter accessory is perfect to wrap around your neck without having to scrunch it up and is actually quite warm. The silk content in the yarn, makes this shawlette so soft and luxurious just like wrapping yourself in a warm, velvety hug.  Nice!  The construction is done in plain stockinette with a twist a.k.a short-rows.  The result is a lovely curved shape –… Read more »

It’s December one!  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is finally here and I’m so happy.  But that’s not what I’m going to talk about first….  There’s been some progress on my shawlette and I’ve reached the edging.  This shawlette (which is more scarf-like for me since I didn’t check row gauge::my bad) is knit first and then the leaf edging is knit and attached with a fantastic method of using the simple p2tog.  Great plan, since it does not involve… Read more »

Labor Day weekend for us was blustery, rainy and cold.  But none of that now, summer has held her (his?) ground and demands to rightfully be present for a while yet.  Bright sunshine greeted us early this morning which was a perfect opportunity for me to take a few pictures of my latest knitting achievement.  Yes, I say achievement since the gratification of finishing something knitted seems to be a thing of the distant past.  I was beginning to think… Read more »

I’ve had this lovely Sweet Georgia Yarn called “Summer Skin” for ages.  It’s 100% superwash merino sock yarn but since it’s tooooo hot in these parts for wearing socks, it’s destined to become a skinny scarf using this pattern from ImagiKnit.  I love that this project is so portable and that the flecks of blue show up randomly in the yarn.  Granted that this scarf won’t be getting worn until next winter, I just wanted an on-the-go project, so here’s… Read more »

“Blossom” from Magknits is all knitted and seamed and turned out really cute. No picture of this knit yet until I attach the ribbon ties. I am thinking that black velvet ties will look good against the bright orange yarn. Heart Scarf from using the Japanese Tussah Silk I got from Hand-Art in Zurich Baby Cardi worked with Lana Grossa Merino Print yarn using a pattern I made up as I went along . This was a quick knit… Read more »