I’ve had this lovely Sweet Georgia Yarn called “Summer Skin” for ages.  It’s 100% superwash merino sock yarn but since it’s tooooo hot in these parts for wearing socks, it’s destined to become a skinny scarf using this pattern from ImagiKnit.  I love that this project is so portable and that the flecks of blue show up randomly in the yarn.  Granted that this scarf won’t be getting worn until next winter, I just wanted an on-the-go project, so here’s my So Called Scarf…


So Called Scarf


6 thoughts on “So Called Scarf

  1. ramblingroses

    Hey Yasmin, I got the yarn from Three Bags Full (a yarn store in Vancouver). I think that they do ship yarn internationally if you contact them. Alternatively, you can check out the Sweet Georgia Yarns blog and see where you can get the yarn.

    The colour reminds me so much of the Arabian Sea (well, before the construction boom began) when you could see various shades of blue in the water. Now the water just seems murky, don’t you think??


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