Those pretty little leaves all in a row are done and I have myself a shawlette which I have begun to love.  This winter accessory is perfect to wrap around your neck without having to scrunch it up and is actually quite warm. The silk content in the yarn, makes this shawlette so soft and luxurious just like wrapping yourself in a warm, velvety hug.  Nice! 

The construction is done in plain stockinette with a twist a.k.a short-rows.  The result is a lovely curved shape – perfect for draping over your shoulders without having to “adjust” the whole  time.  This pattern took less than a couple skeins of Silky Merino and blocked out really lovely.  I went with wet blocking by dousing the finished project in a cool bath with some Soak and laid it flat to dry.  Thanks to indoor heating, it took just a couple days from sopping wet to soft and dry.   I think that the leaves really perked up with the blocking.

Cedar Leaf Shawlette

Pattern: Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in “Sand”
Needles: Size US 7/4.5 mm

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6 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. 88stitchesafterhours

    Your shawlette is just stunning! I know what you mean about drying, I’ve been waiting days for a chunky wool hat I just knit to finish blocking.



  2. kerry

    Lovely! Very pretty colour and pattern.

    You may already do this, but I’ll mention it anyway. After I soak my knits, I gently squeeze out the excess water and then lay the garment out on a thick towel and roll it up tightly (like a jelly roll) and leave it to sit on a counter for a couple of hours, to soak up the majority of the moisture. Then, lay it out and block it as usual. Doesn’t take so long to dry this way!


  3. Rene' Sharp

    This is just lovely! I hope to knit this one day, but with the Rand Dollar exchange rate it’s quite expensive to buy this pattern. I love your little snowflakes. Wish we were having some nice cool weather and not the stinking hot temps we are having here in SA.


  4. mazhalai

    lovely lovely shawlette. love the color and how it stands out against your black outfit. is it me or do you have cute snowflakes on your blog. we miss snowflakes here in TX… though we did see a couple last week. but not enough to stick and cause a mess.


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