It’s December one!  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is finally here and I’m so happy.  But that’s not what I’m going to talk about first…. 

There’s been some progress on my shawlette and I’ve reached the edging.  This shawlette (which is more scarf-like for me since I didn’t check row gauge::my bad) is knit first and then the leaf edging is knit and attached with a fantastic method of using the simple p2tog.  Great plan, since it does not involve any picking up of stitches!! 

These leaves are so cute and serve to make up for the loss of the ones on our “neighborly” trees. 

Alas, the going on this project has been slow because my pre-Christmas list is enormous.  Doesn’t everyone have such a crazy list??  A leeeeetle too much going on right now but that’s ok!  I think that all of it doesn’t sound like pandemonium in my head because I love Christmas and everything that surrounds it!  Hopefully, I can check back soon with a finished shawlette (scarflette?)  Or maybe some other randomness on this blog which threatens to keep going into hibernation.

Talk to you soon:)

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