Today is Family Day in British Columbia :: a day dedicated to celebrating family.


The city has various family related activities lined up, but we decided to stay home (other than a quick milk run) and just hang out.

I think, with all the busy-ness of daily life, taking time to slow down and savor a non-agenda type day is the perfect way to recharge.

The teenager did normal teen type things, you know… Instagram, Facebook, beating me 3 times in a row at Trivia Crack!

The Teen

I’ve declared war 😉

Ma Boy

The hubster cooked lunch… he’s a keeper!!


The little miss ♡♡♡

Little Miss

I worked on my Stripe Study Shawl and now I’m on the home stretch.

Stripe Study 2

Movies and popcorn in front of the fire are the only vague plans we have for the evening.


Yes, it’s been a good day 🙂

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