When I picked up Kiki from preschool on Monday she said in a small, exhausted voice, “Mama, my skin is melting!”  Sweet child of mine 🙂  With us west coasters waiting with bated breath for La Nina to leave and those groundhog predictions to actually be miscalculations, we finally got our sunshine in all its fierce glory! Speaking of my sweet children, they made Mother’s Day so special (I’m sure Daddy helped them with their most excellent plans ;)) A fantastical Mom’s Day… Read more »

I’ve been knitting the Ranger sweater for my son, Prithvi, for a while now and despite some gauge checks that had to be done mid knitting and the fact that he seems to be growing faster than I can knit, I was progressing at a steady clip on this project.  I joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater and kept making my way up the yoke decreases when I went to my bag of Malabrigo Rios to pick out… Read more »

 As promised, we got our winter wonderland 🙂 The cuteness!! Despite explaining to Prithvi that 2 cm of snow doesn’t count for the school distric calling it a “snow day”, he was up really, really early this morning watching the local news to see if his wish would come true.  Nope, no snow day today! Snow makes everything so magical and yesterday’s sunset can bear witness to that fact. The first thing Kiki asked me this morning was if we had any… Read more »

It has been a while since I knit anything for my son, Prithvi and when he mentioned this fact to me last week, I felt a humungoid pang of guilt!!  Determined to remedy this sad truth I cast on for a hat using some 100% alpaca yarn from Aslan Trends.  If you’re looking for a soft yarn, this is definitely cloud-soft!! I knew that garter stitch would be ideal and so I went on a Ravelry hat hunt.  I came across a pattern… Read more »

I don’t know about you, but the longer I have yarn languishing in my stash, the less likely I am to be excited to knit with it!  I recently found a pattern for a little girl’s sweater on Ravelry which I thought would be the perfect layering piece for Kiki.  The pattern I’m talking about is Cinnamon from the uber talented knitwear designer, Elena Nodel. I loved the chic-ness of it and thought about how gorgeous it would look knit it in… Read more »

The perfect day … to go on a hike … to spot jumpers and cheer them on, “jump, jump, jump” … to indulge in some jumping of our own Oops, see this sign? Turns out we weren’t paying attention.  Yes, that’s the sign in the right hand corner of this picture!!  I’m glad there’s no hiking police 🙂

This is fun, posting snippets of our vacation meanderings.  Here are some of my faves from today… Be still my beating heart! Come, sit a while… My favorite of all the maples – the Japanese Maple.  Ahh, sun dappled shade the best cure for the scorcher that was today. And there has to be yarn (thank you kindly, KnitMap, hehe!)  I’ve actually misplaced my 4.5 mm “sleeve circs” (you know, short circulars that are perfect for sleeve knitting in the round… Read more »

Grown up version of sand castles, I guess! Ms. K offered her stamp of approval at each exhibit.  Although, I think she prefers making a swampy mess with her bucket and spade! This summer we ditched the usual hotel option for an oceanside vacation rental instead.  Fabulous idea!!  I think we’ll have to do this every year – truly a home away from home!  We went to a local farmers market to buy veggies for our dinner tonight which was… Read more »

We’re out frolicking in the summer sunshine!  A much needed family vacation 🙂 More adventures tomorrow and maybe even pictures of the kids… if I can get them to stand still for 5 seconds!!

This year, the kids and I did handmade gifts for Father’s Day. Prithvi baked a chocolate cake from scratch and it was yum-o-delicious!  It was actually quite the feat for a first cake and I’m amazed at how fantastic it turned out.  Kiki made a card and a picture frame-esque thingy with a photograph of her and daddy.  The card was begun at preschool and she finished it off at home, with a whole bunch of squiggles which she said was her… Read more »