When I picked up Kiki from preschool on Monday she said in a small, exhausted voice, “Mama, my skin is melting!”  Sweet child of mine 🙂  With us west coasters waiting with bated breath for La Nina to leave and those groundhog predictions to actually be miscalculations, we finally got our sunshine in all its fierce glory!

Speaking of my sweet children, they made Mother’s Day so special (I’m sure Daddy helped them with their most excellent plans ;))

A fantastical Mom’s Day dinner cooked by my young chefs ending with…

…grilled pineapple, ice cream and maple syrup.  Over the top I know, but oh so scrumptious!

I hope all of you mothers reading had a special Mom’s Day 🙂

6 thoughts on “Melting

  1. Jocelyn

    Melting. 🙂 Whatever would she have said if you were still here in Dubai? We’re reaching astronomical temps now and it’s just May.

    You scored big time on Mom’s Day! Well done.

    Awesome, lovely photos as usual. I really must get a move on getting a new camera.


  2. Kelly

    Happy Mamma’s Day to you. I’m sending you some black flies so you will know the tourture I am having to face everytime I’m outside. I would love some heat to get rid of them!


  3. Alice

    Love the photos !! Had a good chuckle over Kiki’s comment about the heat..”out of the mouths of babes” lol


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