We’re back home from our travels and are more or less or settled in.  With the start of a fresh new year; like most everyone; I’ve embraced the idea of a clean slate providing a launchpad for brand new ideas and a renewed focus. Over the next few days, I will share the projects I have finished but didn’t get a chance to blog about before 2013 drew to a close.  But today, some snapshots of our recent holiday to… Read more »

My son, Prithvi, is a delightful, talented soul.  He is the quiet one in our family and has always been drawn to creating things with his hands.  I’ve saved pages and pages of his kiddie art which first began during his superhero fixation days… Batman, Superman, not forgetting good old Spidey!  His art has definitely matured over the years and I think he does some real good work now (even though I’m a biased Mama :)) A while ago, he… Read more »

So, I’ve never canned anything before.  That is, before yesterday! By the way, we did have a great day at the pumpkin patch and I’ll share pictures of that soon.  However, we also went apple picking :: which was a first for us and good fun too. Jonagold apples are in season and although, they’re no Honeycrisp (my favorite!), they are deliciously juicy especially straight off the tree! Off we went to the Taves Family Farm in the valley to… Read more »

I have been thinking a lot about traditions lately.  Come October, my kids never miss out on reminding me that Pumpkin Day is almost here.  What began as a bit of fun picking out pumpkins at the patch, has become a family tradition and I love the fact that my kids have embraced this. We have our favorite list of things to do during each celebratory season.  Springtime definitely means Bike The Blossoms.  Christmas is jam-packed with traditions – the Vancouver Christmas… Read more »

This is such a proud mama moment… This doll bed was made entirely by my 14-year-old son, Prithvi.  He’s been taking woodshop at school as one of his electives and absolutely loves it.  So, for his birthday this year we got him a couple power tools.  The first thing he built was a saw horse :: gotta have a work surface for all those woodworking projects right?  Next up was this… Kiki has been asking for a doll’s bed for… Read more »

15 years ago today I married my best friend, the love of my life…

Windschief seems to be my go-to hat pattern for the guys in my life.  The first one I knit was for the Mister using Dream in Color Classy in a classic grey.  He’s worn that hat a TON and it still looks like it was knit yesterday.  Top marks for this yarn! After knitting the Ranger sweater for Prithvi, I had a bit of yarn leftover.  Although, he will never be caught wearing the matching sweater-hat combination, I knit him… Read more »

Yesterday was Vancouver’s annual Santa Claus Parade and we joined the masses of people to welcome Kris Kringle to our city!  The rain stopped once the parade began… a Christmas miracle indeed 😉 The marchers… The dancers… The pipers… The cuties… And of course, St. Nick himself (Mrs. Klaus was missing, however, the elves were in attendance!) Do you have a Christmas tradition that you enjoy with your family?

Finally, finally the sweater for my oh-so-patient son Prithvi, is done!  It turned out great and he loves it. Remember how I blogged a while ago that I ran out of yarn while knitting this sweater and had to order more?  The extra skeins that were mailed to me matched perfectly! The sweater turned so incredibly soft after I washed it and he absolutely loves wearing it.  I wish I’d gotten a bit more ease because when he buttons this… Read more »