It’s been a quiet couple weeks.  Vineet is out of town.  He’s in India actually for a family wedding and as you may have heard, Indian weddings are one long, loud, crazy, colorful party.  It’s very true!!  Prithvi is at Aviation Camp on Vancouver Island.  So, it’s just us girls at home.  At first, I was happy with all this quiet.  But then that got old really quickly.  I’ve cooked twice since the guys left and as much as cooking is my least favorite activity, I’ve actually missed it!  All the same, it’s been so sweet to spend time with my Kiki-bee ♡

Color Pink 2

Back to my musings…

My morning ritual has always been to catch up on emails with coffee in hand.  Today, I decided to actually sit down and enjoy that first cup in the backyard.

Color Pink 3

That’s when I noticed that everything blooming right now is pink, or shades of.

Color Pink 4

Coffee forgotten, I grabbed my camera and got down to clickclickclick.

Color Pink 8

Apparently, this summer is brought to you by the color pink.

Color Pink 1

Look at the teeny blue stamens.  Nature just can’t be beat!

Color Pink 5

I didn’t plan this particular color bonanza when I prepped my containers in the spring.  But everything is pink

Color Pink 6

and more pink

Color Pink 9

Then there’s this rebel 🙂

Color Pink 7

I’m blogging on a Saturday!  That’s a first for me 😉 I’ll be back with a crafty update on Monday.   Have a great weekend folks! 

4 thoughts on “The Color Pink

  1. Amanda

    I always love the idea of coffee on my patio and then I always end up sitting with the computer checking email. lol But you’ve inspired me to head outside…when the weather cools down. What a lovely “sea” of pink florals you have back there. 🙂


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