It’s been a quiet couple weeks.  Vineet is out of town.  He’s in India actually for a family wedding and as you may have heard, Indian weddings are one long, loud, crazy, colorful party.  It’s very true!!  Prithvi is at Aviation Camp on Vancouver Island.  So, it’s just us girls at home.  At first, I was happy with all this quiet.  But then that got old really quickly.  I’ve cooked twice since the guys left and as much as cooking is my least favorite activity, I’ve actually… Read more »

It’s hard to switch gears from the pace of summer vacation to back-to-school mode, but such is life and it’s got to be done!  We had a splendid time visiting the Oregon coast and it was one of the most memorable holidays we’ve had so far. Of course, we took thousands of pictures but don’t worry, I’ll only share a few 😉 The Oregon coastline is one of the most spectacular driving routes in North America.  As we passed sandy beaches, majestic cliffs, gigantic windswept boulders and lighthouses, it… Read more »

We’re heading out to the Oregon Coast in a couple days, so I’m writing this post in-between loads of laundry! Like many others worldwide, we ventured out to catch a glimpse of the August supermoon. It was lovely, but the sunset before that was even more spectacular.  Too bad we didn’t get any sunset pictures since it was all about the moon that night! While we were waiting for moonrise, we spotted a beaver swimming to his house.  I’ve never seen one in the… Read more »

Hello lovely people! We’ve been back from our summer vacation in the Okanagan Valley for a few days now and things have eased back into the lazy, lovely summer-style schedule.  Perfect! Time away in the valley means many, many dips in the lake and awesome sunsets. Plenty of delicious samplings :: wine, artisan cheeses and breads.  Very yummy! And, fruit… oh, the fruit!! Also, we’re big fans of summer oatmeal.  Usually, we throw the refrigerated mush in the blender for a breakfast… Read more »

A few weeks ago, I received a swap package in the mail from Melissa of Knits With Camels hi Mel 🙂  This was no ordinary package, it was filled, no, stuffed to the brim with goodies.  Some fabulous skeins of yarn one of which is slowly being turned into a Frambuesa shawlette.  Not your average TV knitting, so it’s slow going. She also sent me these gorgeous coordinating fat quarters.  The fabric is from Riley Blake and I think the line… Read more »

Can lilacs fade? Ours certainly have although, they smell just as pretty. Come on little bean, you can do it!  I noticed a tear on one of the leaves.  I hope it isn’t some pesky bug but just from little fingers “over-loving” this plant.  With all of the petting, it’s amazing that the little thing has survived this long. Dinner? I love this measuring tool that I scored for a quarter at a garage sale this past weekend ♥ But right… Read more »