We’re heading out to the Oregon Coast in a couple days, so I’m writing this post in-between loads of laundry!

August Supermoon 1

Like many others worldwide, we ventured out to catch a glimpse of the August supermoon. It was lovely, but the sunset before that was even more spectacular.  Too bad we didn’t get any sunset pictures since it was all about the moon that night!

While we were waiting for moonrise, we spotted a beaver swimming to his house.  I’ve never seen one in the wild before and I admit that I was more thrilled about that sighting than the whole moon thing!

Mr. Beaver

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far and none of that Polar Vortex insanity for my wintering Southern Hemisphere friends.

This summer has been so different from our usual try to do everything all at once before it ends style. There has been plenty of just ’cause and things like, let’s go get milkshakes even if we have to drive 40 minutes to that old-fashioned diner that makes them or decide to walk by the lake even though it’s bear country out there and walk really fast to trick those bears, (yeah, that doesn’t really work because mama bear got all protective about her bear cub and I could taste my heart at the back of my throat!!)  The things that happen only during the dog days of summer.  I love it!  I think I’m a summer girl.  But then again, I say that about every season 😉

Summer Fireworks

Catch you on instagram while we’re on the road and oh yeah, I’ll be packing enough craft projects to keep my fingers busy.  Maybe I’ll even finish something!

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