I’ve heard it said that when you don’t know what to blog about, blog anyway. ¬†So, here I am blogging anyway ūüôā I’m so thrilled with this kitchen adventure. ¬†I found a recipe in an old magazine for lemon curd cheesecake. ¬†Just reading the recipe made me drool and so I just had to make it. ¬†I went on the hunt for lemon curd and didn’t find any at the store. ¬†I did find Ina Garten’s recipe for homemade lemon… Read more »

My dear friend, Kim, who was battling cancer, passed away on Saturday. ¬†We will all miss her terribly. ¬†However, she said so many times that we weren’t to dwell on that. ¬†She wanted us to remember only the fun, good times. ¬†To honor her wishes, we are celebrating her life. She loved people, she was passionate about everything ocean, she made amazing quilt after quilt and was always upto some crazy adventure. Her zest for life was just so contagious…. Read more »

I should be getting my hat done. ¬†Actually, I should be finishing our taxes (ugh!) instead, here I am knitting something absolutely frivolous and so much fun! Every year once we get our taxes filed just before D-Day, I vow that I will be better at being organized with next year’s paperwork. ¬†And every year I fail miserably! ¬†So as a picker-upper, I pulled out Julie’s bunny pattern and some stash yarn and got knitting. ¬†Grin ūüėÄ I think Dottie… Read more »

Today is Pink Shirt Day. ¬†Click here to read how this tremendous movement came to be. I’m sure most of us have experienced bullying to varying degrees. ¬†Bullies aren’t just limited to the school playground. Adults can be bullies too. ¬†My first recollection of being targeted was when I was in kindergarten and not by my peers but by my teacher. ¬†You see, she was reading us this story about a rag doll and his friend and one of the… Read more »

When you’ve got to motivate your 6-year-old to make 22 valentines for her class and you don’t want to opt for the generic box of candy from the grocery store, where do you turn? Pinterest, of course. I came across this pin last week for non-candy valentines and jumped all over it. ¬†I had the necessary supplies to pull this off :: construction paper, cute pencils, Exacto knife… check, check, check. ¬†I even had said 6-year-old eager and willing to… Read more »

Welcome to my new home here at… I’ve been sitting on the idea of moving to my own website for ages. ¬†I decided to stop waiting for the right time and just do it already! ¬†So, here I am and I’m glad you’re here ūüôā I’m totally green at all this techy stuff and there has been a definite learning curve. ¬†But, it has been quite fun thanks to all the support and tutorials supplied by the world wide web!!… Read more »

We’re back home from our travels and are more or less or settled in. ¬†With the start of a fresh new year; like most everyone; I’ve embraced the idea of a clean slate providing a launchpad for brand new ideas and a renewed focus. Over the next few days, I will share the projects I have finished but didn’t get a chance to blog about before 2013 drew to a close. ¬†But today, some snapshots of our recent holiday to… Read more »

Warmest Christmas wishes coming to you from the other side of the globe! We are visiting family in India at the moment which accounts for my radio silence on this blog. I will be back with a post real soon. Have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season with your loved ones! xo

So, I’ve never canned anything before. ¬†That is, before yesterday! By the way, we did have a great day at the pumpkin patch and I’ll share pictures of that soon. ¬†However, we also went apple picking :: which was a first for us and good fun too. Jonagold apples are in season and although, they’re no Honeycrisp (my favorite!), they are deliciously juicy especially straight off the tree! Off we went to the Taves Family Farm in the valley to… Read more »

I have been thinking a lot about traditions lately. ¬†Come October, my kids never miss out on reminding me that Pumpkin Day is almost here. ¬†What began as a bit of fun picking out pumpkins at the patch, has become a family tradition and I love the fact that my kids have embraced this. We have our favorite list of things to do during each celebratory season. ¬†Springtime definitely means¬†Bike The Blossoms. ¬†Christmas is jam-packed with traditions –¬†the Vancouver Christmas… Read more »