Today is Pink Shirt Day.  Click here to read how this tremendous movement came to be.

Pink Shirt Day 1

I’m sure most of us have experienced bullying to varying degrees.  Bullies aren’t just limited to the school playground. Adults can be bullies too.  My first recollection of being targeted was when I was in kindergarten and not by my peers but by my teacher.  You see, she was reading us this story about a rag doll and his friend and one of the kids piped up and asked, “What do you mean by gollywog, Miss?  What does he look like?”.  She was quiet for a moment and then I distinctly remember her saying, “A gollywog’s hair is like Preeti’s”. Hence came to be my nickname through most of elementary school, “Gollywog”.

This story has a happy ending because I now have come to accept and embrace my messy, tangly, unruly mane of hair but through most of my childhood, I wished I was bald!

Pink Shirt Day 2

I hope you’ll wear pink today to take a stand against bullying.

Pink Shirt Day 3

In other generalness (yes, that’s totally a word), the earth went bwahahaha because after I posted the picture of our crocuses from last week, we got hit by a freak snow storm. Say wha’?

Snowy 1

No white-out conditions or anything dramatic like that, not even that cold really.  Just pretty white flakes that fell softly, magically for three days.  It was like winter’s last hurrah.

As I type this, most of the white fluff has melted away.  It was so lovely while it lasted and we didn’t even have to shovel 😀

Snowy 2

Then, this bunch of loveliness arrived in the mail! I am undecided about what I want to make with these.

Scrumptious Bundle

More floral loveliness. I’ve got spring fever, maybe?

Lecien Bundle

For now, I’m just happy to pet them and smile 🙂

7 thoughts on “Think Pink

  1. affiknity

    That was very unkind of your teacher, no wonder you are still hurt by it. I am sure I have told you this before, but it needs repeating now: I love your gorgeous hair.


  2. Nicky

    It’s amazing how we can so easily use our mouths and limbs to hurt others without thought of the consequences. I didn’t know about “Think Pink” day, but I’ll definitely honor the day in my own way this week coming. That was a terrible thing for your teacher to say to you and I’m happy that you’ve embraced your lush curls and moved past that incident.


  3. Leslie

    What a horrid teacher. My daughter has hair like yours and its gorgeous! I love the fabrics. I haven’t stashed anything in a while now. I need to get sewing.


  4. Pearlin J

    ooo Preeti, you have gorgeous hair!! what was that teacher thinking??!!!
    I’ve been bullied by teachers in my teens .
    the new fabrics are so pretty, can’t wait to see what you make with them.


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