While I’ve been sort of AWOL with family visiting and volunteering responsibilities and the crazy schedules of spring term, I haven’t stopped adding to stash! This lovely geometric bundle hopped into my shopping bag and now it’s slated to become something new.  The prints are bold, modern and I adore the clean lines.  Totally up my alley! These are from Joel Dewberry’s line Wander for Free Spirit. I love the golds and the blues paired with the cool greys. This line… Read more »

Ah September, I expected you to be so very different! Sigh!! What should have been the first day of school filled with the excitement of seeing all their friends, exchanging summer stories, getting locker assignments, and meeting teachers, our kids were greeted with the unfortunate news that the teachers’ union in our province declared a full-scale strike 🙁  So, September began with no school and this continues indefinitely! I decided to take the glass half full approach and told the kids that we… Read more »

Today is Pink Shirt Day.  Click here to read how this tremendous movement came to be. I’m sure most of us have experienced bullying to varying degrees.  Bullies aren’t just limited to the school playground. Adults can be bullies too.  My first recollection of being targeted was when I was in kindergarten and not by my peers but by my teacher.  You see, she was reading us this story about a rag doll and his friend and one of the… Read more »

I could be knitting my fingers to the bone to get my Ravellenics project finished before the Olympic flame is extinguished on Sunday.  However, it looks like I’m going to have to bow out gracefully before the finish line. First, I’ve got to get all of the straggly threads knotted and buried into these coasters before tonight so that they can be shipped out pronto. Sewing these together was quick, it’s the finishing that’s going to take longer.  That said,… Read more »

A few weeks ago, I received a swap package in the mail from Melissa of Knits With Camels hi Mel 🙂  This was no ordinary package, it was filled, no, stuffed to the brim with goodies.  Some fabulous skeins of yarn one of which is slowly being turned into a Frambuesa shawlette.  Not your average TV knitting, so it’s slow going. She also sent me these gorgeous coordinating fat quarters.  The fabric is from Riley Blake and I think the line… Read more »