I could be knitting my fingers to the bone to get my Ravellenics project finished before the Olympic flame is extinguished on Sunday.  However, it looks like I’m going to have to bow out gracefully before the finish line.

Coasting 6

First, I’ve got to get all of the straggly threads knotted and buried into these coasters before tonight so that they can be shipped out pronto.

Coasting 1

Sewing these together was quick, it’s the finishing that’s going to take longer.  That said, it’s all about the finishing and we crafters know how important those details are.

Coasting 2

I’ve also got to finish up another project that has a fast approaching deadline.  Since I took this picture last week, I’ve worked exactly zero minutes on it, ack!

Crafty 3

February is moving swiftly to usher March in.  While I was determined to try snowshoeing or at least take the kids tobogganing again this year, that will have to wait because just like that, the seasons are rolling over too!

Coasting 4

I know that there’s plenty of snow on the mountains still, but spring is almost here and I’m feeling all giddy just like these pretties that obviously love coloring outside the lines 🙂

Coasting 5

I want a spring sweater to be on the needles asap.  Also, I’ve got a bunch of happy fabric all cut out, waiting to be pieced together.  I’m even thinking paint, staple gun, upholstery fabric to makeover a couple boring chairs we’ve got.  I’ll let you know if I’m brave enough to try since I don’t know the first thing about furniture redo!

Coasting 3

Busy as a bee it seems and I’m not complaining because that’s just how I like it 😉

I’m ready to play with some spring projects.  Do you feel the same?

5 thoughts on “Coasting Along

  1. Pearlin J

    I love the color of your ravellenic project. The coasters are gorgeous too. I too have a bunch of stuff that need finishing but I keep putting it off. Yay for spring… here its the dreaded heat coming on…and I might do some stitcheries 🙂


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