Ah September, I expected you to be so very different! Sigh!!

What should have been the first day of school filled with the excitement of seeing all their friends, exchanging summer stories, getting locker assignments, and meeting teachers, our kids were greeted with the unfortunate news that the teachers’ union in our province declared a full-scale strike 🙁  So, September began with no school and this continues indefinitely!

On Strike

I decided to take the glass half full approach and told the kids that we would be doing “school” every morning at home.  This announcement was met with a few groans, but I did say that there would be plenty of field trips involved to accompany their learning which made them change their minds real fast!  Today is Day 5 of our school-at-home routine and I think a trip to Science World is warranted later in the week!

While we do school, I’ve been hand stitching some english paper pieced hexagons.


With our current schedule being the way it is, all I can manage to do are a couple hexagons here and there.  I salute the many moms who homeschool their kids all the time!!  Man, it’s hard to coax them to stay on course especially given that Prithvi is in Grade 10 and Kiki is in Grade 2.  So, it’s mostly me “teaching” Miss. K while occasionally hovering over Prithvi. Yeah, pre-calculus is way different from regrouping numbers!!

I’ve sort of lost my knitting mojo and I’m sure it will return as soon as the leaves begin to turn outside. I’ve got a couple cozy things on my knitting needles so it’s not like I’m stuck looking for a project or anything 😉

Stripe Study 2

Anyways, if I keep up with the the hexie making, I think can get enough done to make a cute notions pouch soon(ish). These little hexies are the perfect way to use up fabric scraps.

Scrap Bin 1

I’ve got a bunch of scraps.

Scrap Bin 2

If that wasn’t enough, while we were away, I bought a bag of… you guessed right, scraps!

Couldn't Resist

Time to get back to no school-school.  Talk soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Learning Curves

  1. affiknity

    Boo on the strike. Hats off to you for homeschooling the kids along with so much on your plate already. Those hexagons are cute. Do you plan to make a quilt out of those?


  2. Monique

    Strikes stink! I hope it doesn’t carry over too far and end up cutting into their summer vacation next year! But hooray for you Mom for keeping them in the school state of mind!
    The hexies are sooo cute! I’ll have to come back to see what you’ve done with them. It’s hard to picture how this is going to turn out.
    I need to pick my knitting up again. It’s a summer knit and I lost my mojo while at the 3/4 mark. Sigh!
    Love all of the colors in your post. Gorgeous pics!


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