Poor. Neglected. Blog!!! I hope everyone is having a great summer!  We’re in the middle of a heat wave which us west-coast-wimps don’t handle too well.  But you aren’t here to talk about the weather.  Moving on! I don’t know if you have heard about the “For Keeps” campaign founded by Amy Gibson, a talented quilt designer, author and all-round wonderful person.  While this movement focusses on sewing and quilting, I think that it applies to any creative process.  Being intentional and mindful of what we are… Read more »

Look! I’m knitting a sock!! Confession :: this post isn’t about knitting but a post without a picture is, you know, meh! I just finished a book and the words continue to linger with me.  Does this happen to you sometimes when you read something powerful, or watch a movie that’s especially moving? The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell by Nadia Hashimi is the book that I just finished and it was such a tender story with a powerful message. At first, I… Read more »

Happy New Year!!  May 2015 be your best year yet! It’s been a long while since I made resolutions with the onset of a new calendar year.  I think it’s because I follow through for maybe a month, two tops and then kaboom, I fall off the resolution wagon!  This year however, I posted this picture on my IG feed on New Years Day… Focussed. Intentional. Organized. #chroniclistmaker #erincondrenlifeplanner #ECLP #2015 A photo posted by Preeti Verghese (@preetiverghese) on Jan 1,… Read more »

Ever since I began sewing, I realized that pins are my best friends.  They are so important if you want accuracy while you are piecing something.  Eyeballing things just won’t cut it.  As a result, my pin collection has grown exponentially. The pincushion that I made last year is full, no… overflowing and I’ve got another makeshift “pin cushion” :: a piece of batting rolled up into a wad held together with a strip of selvedge, sheesh! Last week when I was sewing a project that… Read more »

There have been many goings on in our little corner and this blog has become so very neglected.  Today is Monday :: the perfect day to get back on track! Earlier this month, Kirtana turned 7 and her birthday sort of morphed into a birthday week and beyond!  I think she’s partied out for the time being which is a good thing for this tired mama. Right after those extended celebrations, both kids were involved with this year’s Remembrance Day activities…. Read more »

Ah September, I expected you to be so very different! Sigh!! What should have been the first day of school filled with the excitement of seeing all their friends, exchanging summer stories, getting locker assignments, and meeting teachers, our kids were greeted with the unfortunate news that the teachers’ union in our province declared a full-scale strike 🙁  So, September began with no school and this continues indefinitely! I decided to take the glass half full approach and told the kids that we… Read more »

We’re heading out to the Oregon Coast in a couple days, so I’m writing this post in-between loads of laundry! Like many others worldwide, we ventured out to catch a glimpse of the August supermoon. It was lovely, but the sunset before that was even more spectacular.  Too bad we didn’t get any sunset pictures since it was all about the moon that night! While we were waiting for moonrise, we spotted a beaver swimming to his house.  I’ve never seen one in the… Read more »

I’ve been pretty unwell for over a week now and it hasn’t been fun.  I think I’m finally getting over it and almost feel like myself again!  With the whole icky, sicky bug thing, I was prescribed a course of antibiotics.  And with that, I had almost every side effect that was listed in the fine print.  Yes, groan 🙁 I usually crave chicken soup when I’m sick which I think is a comfort thing.  This time, with it being so warm, I wanted cool… Read more »

Time to put away the warm woolies and dig out the gardening tools, spring is here!  I’ve made several trips to the garden center this past week.  It’s time to brighten things up and usher in some color! Spring is indoors too with this cute knitted bunny that I recently finished. It took me a whole day of seaming and stuffing all of the little bunny pieces.  I should have followed the instructions and stuffed and seamed as I went… Read more »

This post brought to you via iPhoneography 🙂 The kids have been on spring break the past two weeks, so it’s been a wonderful time of relaxing and sleeping in 🙂 Monday, is back to school for one last term which is always the busiest one. This lull before the storm was nice! We went on a mini vacation over the weekend, back to the Okanagan Valley. The landscape was such a contrast to how we remember it from the… Read more »