My jar of hexagons overfloweth!

Hexagoning 1

Instead, this has become my current “hexie station”.

Hexagoning 2

I discovered a new way (new to me) to make hexagons… glue basting!  So quick and easy and effective.

Hexagoning 3

I bought the pre-cut paper 1″ hexagons from Paper Pieces LLC and I’ve been putting them to good use with my fabric scraps.

Hexagoning 4

I use the Sewline glue pen for basting.  Easy, no mess and the glue is blue, so I can see where (and how much) I’m spreading it.

If my scraps are too small to go around the hexagon templates, they get stored away in my “ticker tape box”.  When I’ve accumulated enough bits, I’ll make another ticker tape mini.

Hexagoning 5

This week I’ve been listening to The Nightingale on audiobook and slowly adding to my hexie station… while indulging in summer treats 🙂

Summer Spoils 1

I hope you’ve been enjoying the slower pace of summer!

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9 thoughts on “Hexagoning

  1. Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    1″ hexies are a lovely size to work with – and they look lovely in your jam jar (I have some of these same jars). You will no doubt need more than one cookie tin as you keep going too. Beautiful – and cherries are the perfect accompaniment!


  2. Teje

    Hi! Thank you for your visit and comment in my blog! I’m happy I found your beautiful blog! Hexies are so cute in the jar and the glue basting sounds great! Beautiful photos! I think I need to look for audio books as there is not much time to read and I love books. x Teje


  3. Amanda

    How cute is that jelly jar full of hexies?! I’m curious how difficult the glue basting makes it to remove the paper from the hexies. I’d love to hear how that works for you. 🙂


    1. Preeti Post author

      Thanks! I tried joining a few hexies together to make a regular flower shape after glue basting and I found that the papers detach quite easily from the fabric and there is no fraying at the seam allowances. The trick is not to be too aggressive with the amount of glue being applied to the paper templates, because this stuff is quite sticky. A little goes a long way 🙂


  4. Vicky

    Ohhh, you got me interested in glue basting. I have the same question as Amanda: is it difficult to get the papers out?
    You’re photography is stunning!


  5. Becca

    I love your jar! It looks so fun! I need to look into the glue basting thing…I’m not great at basting, and it’s not my favorite part.

    And the cherries are beautiful!


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