Another mini quilt is done and no wonder, these are so quick and so much fun to make… even more so if you don’t need to follow a pattern 🙂  I really wanted to use my scraps to make a ticker tape quilt.

Ticker Tape Mini 4

Saturday was a lovely day to be out and about with camera in hand.  I remembered to grab my quilt and a couple of push pins as we walked out the door.  If you keep driving north for about 10 minutes down our main street, you get to this place…

Grant Narrows 2

Towering mountains, the lake and plenty of wildlife.  I discovered the perfect spot for taking pictures of my project, the viewing platform. But as I got closer, I saw the ‘orange mesh thingy’ stopping people from going up.  Good thing I brought those push pins 🙂

Grant Narrows 1

Back to my project.  I chose linen for the background because I just love the texture and it’s fairly neutral :: the perfect canvas to show off bits of brightly colored fabric.

Ticker Tape Mini 1

I think ticker tape quilts are inspired by ticker tape parades.  I haven’t really researched it, so I maybe totally wrong. Any of you lovely readers know more about their origin?

Ticker Tape Mini 6

I added pieces of fabrics as the project moved along.  To secure each piece, I used my walking foot and a 1/8″ seam allowance all around.  I backstitched at the beginning and the end around each scrappy bit to prevent the stitches from unraveling.  No knots or weaving in ends… win!!

Ticker Tape Mini 3

In keeping with the scrappy nature of this project, I used leftover bits of binding from various projects.  Scrappy binding 🙂  I love that the wind played along and you can see that I backed it with a larger cut of the floral butterfly fabric.

Ticker Tape Mini 5

This was a great way to use up leftovers and make a little something without having to be too precise.  I’ve begun another one for my mom and I’m sure she will love it!

Ticker Tape Mini 2

Ticker Tape Mini
Fabric: Various bits from my scrap bin 
Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 inches

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