This is “Take 2” because I accidentally published this post with no pictures! Boo!! While I was looking at the directions to make my mason jar pin cushion, I found another adorable tutorial.  This one is for tiny felt mittens. Really, these things are so much fun to put together and there are so many ways each little mitt can be decorated. I want to make a few of these to gift and a few for our tree, they are pretty quick… Read more »

Ever since I began sewing, I realized that pins are my best friends.  They are so important if you want accuracy while you are piecing something.  Eyeballing things just won’t cut it.  As a result, my pin collection has grown exponentially. The pincushion that I made last year is full, no… overflowing and I’ve got another makeshift “pin cushion” :: a piece of batting rolled up into a wad held together with a strip of selvedge, sheesh! Last week when I was sewing a project that… Read more »