This is “Take 2” because I accidentally published this post with no pictures! Boo!!

While I was looking at the directions to make my mason jar pin cushion, I found another adorable tutorial.  This one is for tiny felt mittens.

Felt Mitts 1

Really, these things are so much fun to put together and there are so many ways each little mitt can be decorated.

Felt Mitts 3

I want to make a few of these to gift and a few for our tree, they are pretty quick to make.  I bet if I used a hot glue gun, I could churn these out even faster.  I prefer needle and thread though, so slow and steady does it.

Felt Mitts 4

If you enlarged the template, you could easily make these large enough for a gift card to fit inside.

Felt Mitts 2

I want to make a few red ones, just to indulge my love for all-the-red-things-at-Christmas!

Felt Mitts 5

Kiki saw this one and said, “It’s an Elsa mitten!”

There are a few more cut out and ready to go. Let the Christmas crafting begin!

Felt Mitts 6

I want to wish all my family and friends south of the border a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving

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