Actually typing up a blog post as opposed to formulating a post in my head is always a good thing!  And, there’s no time like the present to hit publish, right? I’ve got a few small finishes that I haven’t yet shared on the blog so here’s my #LaterPost about these. Two of these FOs were made as Christmas presents so they have long since been gifted to the recipients and were received with delight! First up is this table runner made using mini squares… Read more »

This is “Take 2” because I accidentally published this post with no pictures! Boo!! While I was looking at the directions to make my mason jar pin cushion, I found another adorable tutorial.  This one is for tiny felt mittens. Really, these things are so much fun to put together and there are so many ways each little mitt can be decorated. I want to make a few of these to gift and a few for our tree, they are pretty quick… Read more »

Warmest Christmas wishes coming to you from the other side of the globe! We are visiting family in India at the moment which accounts for my radio silence on this blog. I will be back with a post real soon. Have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season with your loved ones! xo