Ever since I began sewing, I realized that pins are my best friends.  They are so important if you want accuracy while you are piecing something.  Eyeballing things just won’t cut it.  As a result, my pin collection has grown exponentially.


The pincushion that I made last year is full, no… overflowing and I’ve got another makeshift “pin cushion” :: a piece of batting rolled up into a wad held together with a strip of selvedge, sheesh!

Last week when I was sewing a project that has been commissioned, I was stabbed by an errant pin and my project was ruined with the bloodshed that ensued.  I decided enough was enough.  These sharp, pointy objects need to be contained in an enclosed space!  I looked through the interwebs for a solution and the most common tutorial that kept popping up was

MJPC 1 copy

Everyone knows and loves Amy’s tutorials.  This is the one I used.  I had all the ingredients to get’er done and I did.


This project was so easy and quick and not to forget, adorable.  I want to make more.  Button jar? Spool jar??

Like I said, I’m a big pinner while piecing.  This Mini Swoon block had me furiously pinning all the tiny pieces together.

Mini Swoon 1

There are a few points that don’t quite match, but practice makes perfect right?  This is good because I’ve got three more blocks to go.


Fellow pinners, how do you control your pin problem?

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