I should be getting my hat done.  Actually, I should be finishing our taxes (ugh!) instead, here I am knitting something absolutely frivolous and so much fun!

April Bunny 1

Every year once we get our taxes filed just before D-Day, I vow that I will be better at being organized with next year’s paperwork.  And every year I fail miserably!  So as a picker-upper, I pulled out Julie’s bunny pattern and some stash yarn and got knitting.  Grin 😀

April Bunny 2

I think Dottie needs a playmate.

I accomplished so much last week with life stuff and crafting stuff.  This week, I’ve got zip-nada-zilch!

Last week I finished and handed off these coasters.  They were well received and I’m so grateful for that order.

Tangier Ikat Coasters

I finished these placemats for two little girls too 🙂

Pink Placemat

One of them loves pink and the other loves red.

They also each got their initial monogrammed with some handstitching.  Dots make everything extra cute, in my opinion and so I used them quite liberally.  I think I need more dot fabric in every color in my stash!

Personalized Placemat

I’ve got a large-ish order going for various items but with a relaxed deadline so I haven’t had much time to actually list stuff for my empty-looking etsy shop right now.  I will in time, I promise.

Off to knit another bunny ear before I get back to wading through paperwork.  Talk soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Friday Frivolous

  1. Kelly

    I totally feel like knitting frivolous right now but I feel like I’m barely treading water. There are multiple things crafting and otherwise that I need to get off my plate so I can lighten the load.

    Your placemats are gorgeous! I love the monograms too!


  2. Radhika

    I love the Bunny… especially the floppy ear and the dotty dress 🙂 Somehow i missed your sewing saga…. Everything looks so yummy… I can get things done only if the knife is on my neck 🙂


  3. Angela

    The bunny craze makes me laugh – did Helen’s obsession help you decide to make another? I think I’m going to make mice, one of these days. Today it’s Shamrock cookies for church tomorrow. (I’ll bring some Monday, hope you can make it.)


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