I just kitchenered the toe, snapped a couple pictures and am blogging about my first ever finished pair of HANDKNIT SOCKS!  Can you tell that I’m really thrilled to bits about this???  Like, yeah!! Petal Shower Dublin Bay Socks Pattern: Dublin Bay Socks published in Mossy Cottage Knits Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in “Petal Shower” Needles: Size US 1/2.25 mm Started 3/27 – Finished 4/21 I used the magic loop technique for the first time with these socks and there’s… Read more »

The quickest way to zap sock phobia is to get together with a bunch of friendly knitters and cast on for socks -TOGETHER!!  That’s exactly what a few of us from the UAE Knitters Ravelry Group did this past Friday afternoon.  It was wonderful getting together with these wonderful women and no two people in the group were from the same country – that’s knitting diversified…AMAZING!!!! We had Jocelyn, Hala (who was sweet enough to make the two hour drive… Read more »

I was determined to knit a bit on my TTL Mystery Sock each day and I did.  Each evening I would knit a repeat or two on this sock and things were going well until I finished turning the heel.  It fit, the pattern looked great and there were no mistakes (I think). I can’t get over how pretty the Eye of Partridge heel looks:) Aha!  All the smugness about that heel business was just the pre-cursor to all things… Read more »

“Buscando Azul” – Seeking Blue.  I don’t know much Spanish but that’s what the online translator said and it’s a perfect name for this hat.  Yet again, I’m smitten by the gorgeous-ness of Malabrigo this time in it’s chunky form.  The yarn and the color – love, love, love.  The pattern for this Chunky Dean Street Hat…well, I’m not so crazy about it.  I think it must be the way the decreases turn out on the top of the hat. … Read more »

I can’t believe that I finished the Hurricane Hat in 4 days!!!  For me, this is a HUGE achievement given that knitting minutes in my day are few and far between.  On each round, the placement of purls effectively creates a whirlwind swirly pattern.  This simple combination of putting knits and purls together to create something so lovely is what makes me want to keep going back to knitting. The bits of blue on the forest green of this yarn reminded… Read more »

I’m having blog post title brain freeze here.  The sock is growing steadily and I’m on the foot – I never thought that I would ever knit a sock and now that I can, I am beginning to understand what all the rage about sock knitting is.  My favorite part was the heel and then turning the heel – loved it!!!!  (I’m too lazy to haul out the camera for progress shots and so that will have to be for… Read more »

That was a long blogging break.  Who knew that a case of acute sinusitis could impede pretty much everything – even simple tasks like bending down to tie my shoelaces.  But, I’m doing better now and thank you to everyone who sent me get-well-soon emails and comments:) Back on my needles is my TTL Mystery Socks🙂  It’s no longer a mystery since that KAL has long been completed.  I’m determined to try and finish these socks and I have to report… Read more »

There’s something wrong with this picture… I am knitting socks!!!  I’m using DPNs to knit these socks!!! Isn’t this the Sandlands where it’s perpetual flip-flops weather???   Isn’t knitting in the round with size 2 DPNs just like a game of pick-up-sticks (a game that I suck at, let me add)???   I’ll let you know what happens once I’m done knitting the cuff.  Let me tell you, small circumference knitting with so many sticks involved is scary stuff!!  Any… Read more »

With the hubster away for a week “Down Under”, I’ve been left to brave the homefront with kidlets in tow.  Knitting has kept the “lonelies” at bay though (I wonder what I would have done if I didn’t knit!!) In my last post I had mentioned that I joined a KAL on Ravelry for the Printed Silk Cardigan.  I fell in love with this pattern ever since I saw it in the Spring 2008 Interweave. Also, the gallery on Knitting Daily… Read more »