I can’t believe that I finished the Hurricane Hat in 4 days!!!  For me, this is a HUGE achievement given that knitting minutes in my day are few and far between. 

On each round, the placement of purls effectively creates a whirlwind swirly pattern.  This simple combination of putting knits and purls together to create something so lovely is what makes me want to keep going back to knitting.

The bits of blue on the forest green of this yarn reminded me so much of this…


…we were driving up to Alouette Lake at the Golden Ears Provincial Park a couple years ago.  I remember how surreal and beautiful the mountains looked with fog snaking it’s way around them. 

I finished the hat using 2 circs because I didn’t have a long enough cable to magic loop the top.  I figured that this is the reason Cat Bordhi proclaims that Socks Soar on Two Circulars – and it’s true!!!  The top of this hat got done in no time at all and there was no awkward poke-you-in-the-eye drama with DPNs.  Now, that the hat’s all done, I think that I will just use 2 circs to get my socks finished.  In the meantime there’s a lovely cake of Malabrigo Chunky tempting me. 

This yarn is evil!  Delicious, but evil!!!

8 thoughts on “Aloutte Swirls

  1. Jocelyn

    I will never get tired of looking at your HH! The colour is so rich. I think I want an FLS with that. I finished mine, just a few minutes ago and will be posting shortly.


  2. mamie

    that hat is crazy beautiful! i have been longing to find a pattern for me, to use a special little yarn in the stash. perfect! thanks, preeti.


  3. Anjali

    That hat is gorgeous. I love the color. What yarn is it? And may I ask who is modeling?

    Don’t you love it when the designer creates something brilliant with simple stitches? It’s a delight to knit such a pattern. Have a look at Twist baby hat by Melissa when you find time. She brilliantly creates a twist pattern with slipped stitches and cables.


  4. mazhalai

    the pic of the mountain= awesome!!
    and cant wait to see what you make with the blue yarn
    and i couldn’t agree more.. socks do soar on 2 circs!!


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