I’m having blog post title brain freeze here. 

The sock is growing steadily and I’m on the foot – I never thought that I would ever knit a sock and now that I can, I am beginning to understand what all the rage about sock knitting is.  My favorite part was the heel and then turning the heel – loved it!!!!  (I’m too lazy to haul out the camera for progress shots and so that will have to be for next time) 


In the meantime, I’ve joined the madness that is Malabrigo March ’09 on the Rav Malabrigo Junkies Group and will be casting on for the Hurricane Hat in this lovely green colorway called Forest. 

I just love this yarn (who doesn’t love mmmmmmmmmmmMalabrigo) and the only way I can describe it is buttery soft and squishy:)  There will be hat knitting beginning tomorrow. 

Any other Malabrigo Junkies out there?

5 thoughts on “Can’t think of a half-interesting title

  1. Jocelyn

    Is it disturbing that I can recognize a skein or cake or Malabrigo a mile away? So that’s a big honking yes on your question. Jackie and Charmaine are now Malabrigo junkies too. I’ll bring my stash if you bring yours and we can compare. I don’t have much but I plan to remedy that after Easter.

    Hurricane Hat is an interesting construction. I might check out that Rav group.

    You coming on the 6th?


  2. ServantBoy

    Hi Gorgeous! Finally I got your blog on my phone 🙂 Now I won’t miss an update! BTW, the colors look fine here. Can’t wait to try on the Hurricane Hat 🙂


  3. ramblingroses

    Oooh, it’s so sweet that Vineet (the hubster) decided to pop by my blog and leave a comment:) And yeah, the hat’s for him!

    Thanks for stopping by babe. xoxo


  4. mamie

    you know it, mama. i just do not have enough malabrigo to be considered truly addicted, yet anyway.

    my favorite part of the sock is the heel turning too. i feel like a magician.


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