Revisiting a craft project over and over means that the aspects of design and creation of that project really appealed to the crafter. Of course, fellow creative types will know how strong the draw is to start something new. Fondly called Startitis 😉 With the power of social media, new patterns and craft materials are being showcased every day. The magnetic force towards “ooh shiny” is sometimes irresistible (who am I kidding, this happens far too often!) But what about those projects that you had so much… Read more »

Handmaiden Fine Yarn produces Camelspin — an most interesting combination of fibers that actually work well coupled together.  This yarn is 70% silk and 30% baby camel and is dyed in the most gorgeous colors.  A skein of this beautiful yarn in greens and greys had to be mine and I’m so glad that I used it to knit my other pair of Socktoberfest socks, Marlene. The yarn fuzzes up a bit as you knit but not in a gross pilly sort of way,… Read more »

Orange is usually associated with halloween, hippie, harvest or highway (you know the weather proof vests worn by highway workers, I salute them).  I never see orange-colored clothing at a trendy boutique or squished onto a rack at the local outlet store.  This color seems to have built quite a bad rep for itself.  But tone it down or mix it up and it turns from a fashion nay to a fashion yea.  Enter the cousins – pumpkin, peach, rust,amber.  I chose another close… Read more »

Today is the last day of October and the last day for Socktoberfest.  I started off this month saying that I was going to try to knit 3 pairs of socks and I actually cast on for all 3 on the first day of this month.  Two are done (yay!)  The third pair didn’t quite make the finish line and remain in a state of unravel.  Oh well, you win some you lose some. Knitting along with so many others made this… Read more »

It’s not the pattern, it’s not the technique, it’s not the yarn or any of the other things that I could blame.  My Sock#2 for Socktoberfest were meant to be Leyburn Socks.  This is my first time doing toe-up socks and everything was going along swimmingly.  I followed the instructions and all the helpful Ravelry tips.  I turned the heel and then I tried it on for size.  SNAP!!!  My yarn actually snapped because the heel was so tight and… Read more »

A month of all things sock begins today.  Yee-haw!   Some fantastic knitters I know will be pushing the limits of sock knitting – trying to master new techniques, knit the most number of socks, finish unfinished socks or empty their sock queue on Ravelry by casting on for every sock project they intend to knit.  It’s all about the fun of knitting socks. I’ve set myself a wimpy target of finishing at least three pairs of socks this month.  The… Read more »

The socks I was talking about last time are done.  The wavy patterning of the stitches makes this a one-size-fits-all kinda socks and lends to what can only be called a “sproingyness” to the fabric. Deets.. Spring Forward Socks Pattern: Spring Forward Socks by Linda Welch Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in colorway “Happy Forest” Needles: Size US 1/2.25 mm Started 5/27 – Finished 9/21 more pics on my Ravelry Projects Page No more socks until next month which is just a few days away when many, many,… Read more »