Revisiting a craft project over and over means that the aspects of design and creation of that project really appealed to the crafter.

Goody Two 1Of course, fellow creative types will know how strong the draw is to start something new. Fondly called Startitis 😉 With the power of social media, new patterns and craft materials are being showcased every day. The magnetic force towards “ooh shiny” is sometimes irresistible (who am I kidding, this happens far too often!) Goody Two 2

But what about those projects that you had so much fun making, the ones that you want to keep making over and over again? I’ve got a couple of those potato chipy patterns!  (Hexies anyone!!)

Goody Two 3The Goody Goody Binding Kit is one of those.  My first one was very close to what the pattern suggested. Now, I’m making a second one and I’ve tweaked a few things with the overall construction. I’m still rocking the Elmer’s Glue tip, though, lol!! Goody Two 4

No, I don’t need another binding kit.  But oh yes, I had so much fun making the first one that another one just had to be made!! This project checks a lot of boxes on my crafty-fun-list 😀

Goody Two 5All the bits and pieces are now sewn together. Goody Two 6

Next, a quick bit of hand stitching before this project is done.

Goody Two 7I’ve been getting some knitting done too, in honor of Socktober. As Kid President says, “Do something awesome!” Socktober

Small projects like these are a great source of instant gratification because up next… see this stack here

Square Stack 2

Yup, another quilt cut out and ready to be pieced!  Unlike the last one, this time I’m following a pattern 😉

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4 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. Amanda

    It’s so true. We get so caught up in the “new” thing that sometimes we forget about the enjoyment factor. So glad to see that’s not the case here. 😉 And I LOVE that sock yarn color. So rich.


  2. Becca

    I need to make myself a binding/handsewing kit. This one is pretty! And it got me thinking maybe it’s easily adaptable to a kid’s art kit. Hmm…

    And your stack on the bottom looks like pretty colors! What a great combination!


  3. Monique

    I just love the vibrant colors in your binding kit! Just what the doctor ordered in November!
    Also, I’m just as in love with that gorgeous purple project that you have going on! I’ll have to stop back more often!


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