It’s not the pattern, it’s not the technique, it’s not the yarn or any of the other things that I could blame. 

Leyburn 1

My Sock#2 for Socktoberfest were meant to be Leyburn Socks.  This is my first time doing toe-up socks and everything was going along swimmingly.  I followed the instructions and all the helpful Ravelry tips.  I turned the heel and then I tried it on for size.  SNAP!!!  My yarn actually snapped because the heel was so tight and there was no way to salvage anything after that.  

All I could do was F-R-O-G


Leyburn 2

Someday, I will knit these socks and I will learn how to knit toe-up!

9 thoughts on “Uptight Socks

  1. Jocelyn

    Poor poor yarn…I hope this doesn’t put you off knitting this pattern or learning toe-up. I did have issues about the first pair I made but then quickly learned how and where to increase stitches so that the sock can go over the heel without a problem.

    So what did you decide on a replacement Sock #2 for Socktoberfest then?


  2. Rene' Sharp

    Hi there. Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog!! Your knitting is stunning and the photography is just awesome. I regularly visit here. Your stalker from South Africa!


  3. Yasmin

    And it was looking so pretty too! I’m sure you’ll get around to doing it perfectly soon enough. Your work is so neat. sadly there was problem with this project but whatever I can see of it , it looks like such beautiful knitting. BTW, lovely yarn and colour .


  4. mazhalai

    i understand -my onam socks are unwearable since they dont get past my ankle 🙁
    i was obstinate and kept knitting thinking the yarn will ease up.
    now i just look at the pretty socks


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