“Buscando Azul” – Seeking Blue

I don’t know much Spanish but that’s what the online translator said and it’s a perfect name for this hat. 

Yet again, I’m smitten by the gorgeous-ness of Malabrigo this time in it’s chunky form.  The yarn and the color – love, love, love.  The pattern for this Chunky Dean Street Hat…well, I’m not so crazy about it.  I think it must be the way the decreases turn out on the top of the hat.  My finicky knitting voice kept looking at the decreases merging into the pattern and saying, ‘I don’t know…’ 

The recipient seems thrilled with it though and even stepped outside after school to let me get a few pictures.  This hat will keep his noggin toasty warm, that’s for sure.

I had to remind him that it was time to go back home to cram for mid-terms (yes, exams are upon us again!!!), but he got sidetracked by this boy toy and I had to sneak a picture of him…coveting! 

Boys will be boys, always!!!

5 thoughts on “Seeking Blue

  1. Jocelyn

    Oh my, that yarn is gorgeous in the cake but doesn’t tell you that it has slight variegation. The hat is awesome, love the cables.

    I haven’t got chunky Mally but isn’t there a worsted version of this hat?


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