Everyone probably knows about the Winter Olympics and if you’re a Raveler then you know all about the Ravelympics.  Vancouver is the host of this year’s Winter Games and me being a resident of the city (well, technically I live in the suburbs of Greater Vancouver…still) I have to say something about it all. I’M STOKED!!!!!! The Olympic torch has been making its way through each Province and we’ve been watching this journey online.  Today (Day 76), the flame has reached Edmonton. … Read more »

Those pretty little leaves all in a row are done and I have myself a shawlette which I have begun to love.  This winter accessory is perfect to wrap around your neck without having to scrunch it up and is actually quite warm. The silk content in the yarn, makes this shawlette so soft and luxurious just like wrapping yourself in a warm, velvety hug.  Nice!  The construction is done in plain stockinette with a twist a.k.a short-rows.  The result is a lovely curved shape –… Read more »

It’s December one!  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is finally here and I’m so happy.  But that’s not what I’m going to talk about first….  There’s been some progress on my shawlette and I’ve reached the edging.  This shawlette (which is more scarf-like for me since I didn’t check row gauge::my bad) is knit first and then the leaf edging is knit and attached with a fantastic method of using the simple p2tog.  Great plan, since it does not involve… Read more »

No finished object this time although, I have some stuff on the needles.  I would love to say that I have some tweedy number flying off the pointy sticks with plenty of interesting twists and turns, preferably a cardigan with waist shaping, knitted in the warmest wool and in a lovely shade of wintry grey.  Did I mention that its tweedy?  That’s all just in my head.  In reality, I have some lovely projects on the go that I’m enjoying but there ain’t a single cable… Read more »

Labor Day weekend for us was blustery, rainy and cold.  But none of that now, summer has held her (his?) ground and demands to rightfully be present for a while yet.  Bright sunshine greeted us early this morning which was a perfect opportunity for me to take a few pictures of my latest knitting achievement.  Yes, I say achievement since the gratification of finishing something knitted seems to be a thing of the distant past.  I was beginning to think… Read more »