Remember this shawl that I test knit recently? This pattern is called, Find a penny and was designed by a dear friend and a fellow Amira, Lindsay.  I love all of her knitting and the yarns she uses.  She’s been steadily cranking out new patterns too, bravo!!  The first time I met Lindsay, it was at one of our knitting meetups in Dubai.  The Amiras meetups were always a blast.  We were the loud, excited bunch of ladies at a local coffee shop with piles of… Read more »

I finished a test knit for a friend this week and it was just the perfect amount of knitting instant gratification.  More details about the pattern coming once it is published including my slap-forehead moment when I ran out of yarn.  I took advantage of the fact that my “recruit” was ready to strike-a-pose today 🙂 Additional pictures and yarn/pattern deets soon.

Thank you so much for all the Alouette love, I really appreciate everyone’s comments and will be working on writing up the pattern soon. A while ago, I was asked to test knit a shawl by Shweta of the Yarnside blog.  I hadn’t knit a shawl in ages at that point, but I’m a sucker for lace knitting and  delightedly jumped at the offer.  I knew that I wanted to use my leftover Sundara Sock Yarn from this project for this… Read more »

I was fortunate to knit another Alana-Dakos-pattern for her trunk show.  This time it was the warm, cushy Cosette Wrap. This wrap has a subtle curved shape worked with the help of short rows.  It is finished off with a lacy picot edging knit in a contrasting colored yarn.  The end result is a cozy wrap  – perfect to keep the chill off your shoulders. The yarn I used for the body was Dream in Color Classy.  This yarn seems… Read more »

It’s been a tough couple days but I have declared that life’s too short to sit around and mope.  Also, a pile of nom nom is always good for the soul… I signed up for another round of the the MadTosh Sweater Club since I loved it so much the last time.  The first club mailing was Tosh Sport and the color I picked was Composition Book Grey (Grey-Gray? tomato-tomahto)  The perfect shade of grey which will make a lovely… Read more »

Before the madness that was the Ravelympics I finished a very interesting shawl project.  This pattern called Levens written by the very talented Lily Kate France breaks up yards of plain stockinette with vertical ruched sections and a lacy edging. My Fleece Artist yarn in “Labrador” that I was so smitten and flummoxed by at the same time turned out to be the perfect choice for this shawlette.  I’ve used Fleece Artist Merino before in a different colorway for my Monkey Socks and… Read more »

Those fireworks on Sunday signalled the end of the Ravelympics.  Actually, they signified the end of the real Winter Games, but you know where my priorities lie! My challenge: to finish two shawls during the Ravelympics and knowing how I’m so easily distracted by, “ooh shiny and mmm sparkly…”, I had to focus and get these projects knitted and bound off before the flame died out.  Things went according to plan (YAY!) even though my Milkweed shawl got off to a… Read more »

This Valentines Day, we scrapped the usual candlelight dinner for something different.  I’m not talking about flowers and candy either, although, both of those made their appearance and made the day that much sweeter:)  This Valentines Day, we headed downtown to join in the festivities surrounding the Winter Olympics.  Since driving all the way downtown would have been a nightmare especially with so many road closures, we opted to take the Skytrain instead – which is always a treat for the kids. … Read more »

I’m resisting casting on for another project with my delicious Tart with the Olympics just round the corner.  (don’t these babies look so yum) I don’t want to tackle something as large as a sweater right now.  Also, anything that I’ve swatched for lately doesn’t seem right.  Somehow my stitches are loose, and I mean REALLY loose.  To get gauge, I would need to go down 3 or 4 needle sizes and so I wait…until I get my swatch mojo… Read more »

Every skein of yarn in my stash bin has a story.  I can pick out the ones that were bought for a specific purpose and then I have those impulse skeins that just seem to hop on over into the shopping cart, virtual or otherwise.  You know the feeling :: you have the Visa out and you just pick that extra skein because, it’s on sale, or it’s a colorway that always sells out, or because it looks lonely sitting out… Read more »