It’s been a tough couple days but I have declared that life’s too short to sit around and mope.  Also, a pile of nom nom is always good for the soul…

I signed up for another round of the the MadTosh Sweater Club since I loved it so much the last time.  The first club mailing was Tosh Sport and the color I picked was Composition Book Grey (Grey-Gray? tomato-tomahto)  The perfect shade of grey which will make a lovely Goodale… I think.  This is the pattern I’ve queued for this yarn currently, but I can be quite fickle with these decisions so watch this space!

In other knitting news, I’ve just finished a sample knit for the lovely Alana.  This time it was the Cosette Wrap.  The pattern construction is similar to the Cedar Leaf Shawlette but the shape is different and this wrap is larger.  The contrasting picot border adds the perfect touch.  Lovely pattern from the designer, as always.  Post blocking pictures coming soon.

Check out her new Shawl Collared Cowl pattern – the perfect fall accessory, in my opinion.

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end and Prithvi will be home soon.  His summer has been waaaay more interesting than mine.  He has been traipsing all over the American east coast with Vineet’s mom the past 4 weeks and the pair have been having a blast sending us postcards of all their adventures which almost feels like neener-neener-neener.  I’ve missed him but Kiki has missed him the most.  She’s going to be so thrilled to see him next week and I can’t wait to witness that brother-sister reunion!

Oh, and I’m almost on the sleeves of Audrey I can’t wait to be done and wear this cute little sweater.

8 thoughts on “Sad Go Bye-Bye

  1. frillbow

    Grey and tomah-to definitely!

    Lily is sample knitting for Alana too. Your Cosette looks so snuggly and warm but I’m really looking forward to seeing a Goodale from you!


  2. Kelly

    Agree with Amanda, grey and tomahto 🙂
    Your Audrey is looking good and that grey looks delic.
    Hope your sadness passes and if there’s anything I can do you know where I am…. knitting 400 sts 🙂


  3. Jocelyn

    Composition Book Grey is awesome – makes me wish I chose that colourway in one of the bases. Instead I got the bleh Trodden, which is fine I guess if you like browns.

    The wrap looks awesome and that contrast edge is yummy. What a teaser on Audrey!

    Lucky Prithvi! I bet he has loads of stories to tell when he gets home. Speaking of which, how is the new digs? All spiffed up?


  4. knitnkanmani

    OMG ,i shd check my dashboard more .One of my (other )fave colors is grey and that grey is beautiful has a shine to it 🙂
    Hope Prithvi ate pinkberry :)..and tells u all about how tasty it was 😉


  5. Pearlin J

    you’ve got all Delicious projects lined up! Oh Lucky Privthi! I ‘m sure there is going to be lots of hugs and kisses from Kiki for him when he comes back 🙂


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