It’s been flu season around these parts lately and we have been surrounded by Tylenol, tissues, VicksVapoRub (mmmmm), Sudafed (being drunk like it’s coffee sometimes!!!) and more tissues, tissues, tissues.  Really, really bummed that I couldn’t make it to a knitting afternoon with all the lovely ladies from the UAE Ravelry Group. Will be back when this bug has been exterminated.  A sick, sneezy, wheezy household – not a pretty sight. Knitting progress – absolutely ZERO!!!!

No.  Not the thigh high boots, trashy make-up, mini skirt wearing profession.  But this…. I was clearing out some stuff and came across this crocheted doily, table topper, runner (???) that I had finished a few years ago.  I do not remember where I found the pattern for this but I do remember exactly when I began working on this and it brings back sweet memories.  Picture this – freezing temperatures, crackling fire, Austrian alps, delicious warm Schoki… we were at a… Read more »

I blinked and the whole festive season passed by!!  Wonderful, special times with family and dear friends made this Christmas such a memorable one. I smile when I think about the year gone by because of all the memories created. On to new beginnings and new adventures.  Enter 2009!

Every December, we seem to have a ton of goverment-issued holidays and this year has been no exception. Thank you Government, I’m not complaining! Many day trips and fun activities were planned and enjoyed and much laughter warmed our hearts. All this frenzy of fun has resulted in not many knits and purls and so I have nothing to show in terms of new knitting. A few projects are in various stages of progress (I’m still in small project mode) but… Read more »

Yay…it’s December!!!!! The kids have their Advent calenders out and Christmas carols are playing.  Lights and decorations are going to go up this weekend.  However, our fake tree is going to sit in it’s box unopened thanks to KiKi who insists on “tasting” everything that’s around.  Bit and bobs I’ve fished out of her mouth recently: lego, newspaper, onion peel, a piece of plastic (I shudder to think where the rest of this object is – in her tummy maybe???), yarn, some… Read more »

I think that I have come to realize what was obvious to everyone other than myself…I blog only when I knit or mostly when I have something knitting related to share.  Knitting, while being an integral part of who I am, does not define me.  I am wife, mama, toy-picker-uper, boo-boo-kisser, homework companion, cook (well, occasionally), laundry agent, grocery shopper, playmate, homemaker, knitter and so much more that each woman/wife/mama/friend is made up of.  I think that I was hiding… Read more »

A nasty bug has been making its rounds at our household – first it was the hubster, then the kids and now it’s my turn.  To get through the nasties I thought a strong dose of chocolate gooiness and a good book would be great.  So I baked a batch of brownies – the fudgy, warm, chewy kind and curled up with The Friday Night Knitting Club.  I’m really liking the book so far, can’t wait for the movie to come… Read more »

It’s the night before our summer vacation to visit family and friends in India and I’m still not done packing!!!! Before it used to be so easy to just dump stuff into suitcases and hop on the plane. Of course, we would get to wherever and discover that we didn’t have matching socks, or that I forgot to pack my cell phone charger or wall-plug-socket-converter-thingy! I knew it would be different this time and would require some serious planning and… Read more »

It seems like I’m in somewhat of a blogging rut. I’ve begun a post several times recently only to read what I’ve written and it all seemed like blah-blah-blah.  Blogging avoidance ensued.  Here I am now hemming and hawing because I still have only blah and more blah, but… Summer fun…in about two weeks we leave for India for some holidaying – weeee!!!  It’s going to be fun to hang out with the fam and not do anything much other than,… Read more »

We’ve been waiting to see your sweet little faceTo hold you in our arms in a tight embraceA cute little noseAnd ten tiny toesTwo twinkly, fluttering eyesAs you dream and sighYour baby fingers that grasp and holdSo small your frame we want to enfoldThe curls that frame your sweet baby browWe’re excited to watch you learn to talk and growYou’re our sweet little angel sent to us from aboveWe will care for you, be there for you and nurture you… Read more »