No.  Not the thigh high boots, trashy make-up, mini skirt wearing profession. 

But this….


I was clearing out some stuff and came across this crocheted doily, table topper, runner (???) that I had finished a few years ago.  I do not remember where I found the pattern for this but I do remember exactly when I began working on this and it brings back sweet memories.  Picture this – freezing temperatures, crackling fire, Austrian alps, delicious warm Schoki… we were at a precious little B&B in Salzburg when I began working on the hexagons.  Of course, it took me a few months to complete all the bits and pieces and join them but I remember being so thrilled when it all came together because I had never crafted something this large before!!!   

My next big project was a Lanarte cross stitch piece of a ballet dancer which is framed and hangs on our living room wall. 

Sadly, crochet and other crafts have taken second place in my crafting basket because knitting keeps being a big bully screaming, pick me, pick me“.  All I have crocheted in the recent past are a couple flowers.  Sad, I know!  But before I go dive into any other exciting craft, I am determined to work my way through my knitting stash.  So, back to the knitting it is, at least for now.


10 thoughts on “Hookin’

  1. Jocelyn

    Oh wow! That is pretty. 49 individual lace circles joined together! Yes I counted them because I suck at factorials.

    If you do find the pattern then please point me in its direction. It looks like almost mindless crocheting and I could use something like this to break the knitting monotony.


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