My space here has been severely neglected…um, relocation and all that!  But I just wanted to pop by and say ‘hi’:)

I’ve been knitting consistently on my February Lady Sweater and I am so glad to say that I will be binding off the cuff on the second sleeve today and then I will be done with this Lady!  Which always brings every knitter to the exciting part…

What to knit

What to knit next????

In a frenzy of knit-by-the-book-ness that I rarely follow in the guage swatch department, I actually knit a pile of few swatches a couple weeks ago.  There’s cotton yarn, lace yarn and good ‘ol merino in the mix.  I think that I’ll let the merino stew in it’s own bath of warmth ready to be picked up when cuddly knits are called for. 

In the meantime, summer is almost here which means summer knitting…and time to have plenty of fun.  Happy Summerin’!!!

Summer Fun

4 thoughts on “What to knit next

  1. iaminchennai

    i am dying to see the feb lady…
    probably you can take up a small project like gloves… you will need them soon 🙂


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