Just enough time to surface above all the sorting and packing that’s been going on which has brought my knitting to a standstill.  I keep thinking that I will make up for it on the long haul flights which we are going to be taking shortly.  Dream on sistah!

I’ve heard that Transatlantic Flights + Feisty Toddler = Severe Migraine.  Eeeeeek!!!  I might just step off the plane with crazy hair and that twitching eye which has a crazed look.  But, what I’m hoping for is that Kiki sleeps for most of the journey and shows the “shy” side of her personality and remains in her seat – hahahahaha, wishful thinking!!!!

Knitting hmmm…

This is what I was working on before removal boxes took over my life. 

Spring Forward Socks1

Cherry Cardi 1

These pictures were taken over a week ago and since then things have not progressed very much just a couple rows and I suspect that this trend will continue for a while yet –  all with good reason.


6 thoughts on “Knitting, what knitting

  1. mamie

    i do not know what the second pattern is but it is going to be beautiful. are you totally adverse to giving her sedatives? kidding, kind of. good luck on the flights and the move….looking forward to you settling in and posting again.


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