This title will definitely get the google-ers to perk up.  I’m not sharing anything crazy like my phone number or dress size on the internets!  I’ve been tagged by Anjali to fill out this list 

So, my numbers…

1: The number of movies I’ve watched this month

2: The number of glasses of wine it takes for me to begin slurring – so I sip…slooooooowly

3: The number of countries I’ve lived in

4: The number of vehicles I’ve owned – not all at the same time

5: The number of tank tops I’ve knit – I love wearing all of them

6: The number of hours I was in labor before KiKi was born – it was a breeze, thanks to my epidural

7: The number of weeks before I leave Dubai for good

8:  My favorite number

9: The number of countries I’ve visited

10: The number of skeins of sock yarn I own – compared to some of you ladies (ahem, Jocelyn), I realize my sock yarn stash is piddly small

Gazillion: The number of “huggles and kissies” I’ve exchanged with my kids this week

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!!


8 thoughts on “What’s my number?

  1. Jocelyn

    I’d do this meme but would take me forever to match the numbers with things/events.

    Thanks for the props on the sock yarn. I’m proud of my sock yarn stash and think I don’t have enough. There are so many other brands out there that I want to try.

    7 weeks. OMG! Excited much? We have to get together before you go and when I get back yeah? We just signed our Canadian Immigration papers today so I hope that within the next 18 months we will be making plans to land somewhere in Canada. I will definitely look you up then!

    In the meantime, enjoy the crazy hot and humid Dubai weekend.


  2. Anjali

    Had fun reading your list. 6 hours of labor? Should I say wow! I was in labor for 14 hours and no epidural. Makes me wonder why I ever wanted to have a kid.


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